Jenn’s Skirt

Jenn’s Skirt

I had an old jean skirt that I LOVED. It was so comfy and I wore it all the time. Then the day came where it was starting to look too worn out and I couldn’t wear it any more. Sad day. I couldn’t just throw it away. So I tucked it away in my sewing bin for a couple years. I brought it out a couple weeks ago and decided to make it into a skirt for Jenn. I took some photos to show you all the process. I am by no means an experienced seamstress…I just guess with everything 🙂 But it came out great!

I started out by just measuring Jenn’s waistline and the length I wanted the skirt to be. I added an inch to the length for the hem. Her waistline was 20″ so when I cut these panels I made the top of each jean one 4″ and the top of each pink one 2″. I made 4 each so that makes 24″. I made it a little bigger because I will be using elastic at the waist. I did not measure the bottom of the panel but it is about double the length of the top of the panel. I wanted it to be very “flowy”. Pictured below is what I cut for two different skirts, although I have only sewn up one so far. I also have ribbon for each skirt to go along the bottom.

DSCF4682 I sewed each piece together but did not sew the two ends together yet. DSCF4687

Trim the bottom so they are all the same length (I am really bad at cutting evenly). And flip it over and cut any extra material off of where the pieces are sewn together. You can also iron the seam down here but I didn’t because I was pressed for time. Also I just hate ironing. Seriously hate it.

DSCF4689 DSCF4691

Next I sewed a hem onto the bottom and top of the skirt. This can be done while sewing on the ribbon at the bottom but I prefer to do it separately. It is just easier for me to keep things on the right track. Then I sewed the ribbon along the bottom. Remember, we haven’t sewn the skirt ends together yet. It is important to put the ribbon on before the skirt is sewn up. When you put the ribbon on, I folded it around the ends of the skirt just to keep it looking sharp.DSCF4693 DSCF4694

Not pictured, I then folded over the top of the skirt enough to fit an elastic through…about 3/4 inch and sewed all along the top. I attached my elastic to a safety pin and fed it through the “tunnel” I had created. I made the elastic about 18″ long. Afterwards, I think I should have made it a little shorter so it fit a little more snug. Anyway, once you feed your elastic through you can sew your elastic together. Then sew up the back of the skirt. This is such a simple project. And here, the finished project and a satisfied customer 🙂


I know a lot of you are excellent seamstresses. I would love your tips and feedback on this project! How can I do it better? I have a whole big pile of my old clothes that I am ready to turn into summer clothes for Jenn and would love any tips or pointers before I get going!

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