God is so good!

God is so good!

There is a dear elder in our church who always comes to Sunday morning service a half hour early. I love our Sunday morning chats before anyone else is there. Her and I talk as the kids play and Shane practices songs. She is a very godly woman with such sound advice and just a real love for the Lord. This morning she told me about how her apartment was robbed this week. She told me about scattered jewelry boxes and stolen items. Then said how the thief never touched her favourite jewelry on the shelf above. Then says, “God is so good!” That was such a powerful thing to say after a story like that. She wasn’t sad about all the things thrown around or stolen. No, it was God is so good for not letting my favourite jewelry be stolen.

So often we are focusing on what we can’t have, what was taken from us, etc. We focus so much on the negative things. We need to stop right now and realize why God is so good and thank Him for it. What has God done for you today? If you can’t think of anything than your focus needs to shift off of yourself and onto the Lord.

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  1. Amen similar to a lesson I have been learning that I posted on my blog a week ago. Very good thoughts. 🙂

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