Unplug Challenge

Unplug Challenge


“Abracadabra! Make mom’s iPad disappear!”

That’s what William said last week. Sad isn’t it? It’s not even that I am using it all day long, but I use it often enough that he feels the need to try to make it disappear. He sees it takes my attention away from him. It shouldn’t be like that.

So, I decided why not unplug for a week. Give my kids, husband, and home my undivided attention.

I found an accountability partner (my husband). I told him what I plan on doing. I thought about asking him to hide my iPad but I thought surely I can practice enough self control to just not touch it for a week.

So, here’s the challenge:

1. Choose a day to begin. I am beginning Sunday, May 24.

2.Find an accountability partner. Like I said, I asked Shane to be that for me.

3. Turn off your devices and leave them alone for a week.

I hope you choose to do this challenge with me! If you do, please comment below with the date you plan to start and who you chose as your accountability partner.

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