My Week Unplugged

My Week Unplugged

This past week has been wonderful! Definitely something I am somewhat going to continue.

By Monday evening I was realizing that I needed to stay accountable with my workouts. My sisters, myself, and a good friend of ours keep each other accountable with working out through a facebook group we created almost 3 years ago. I decided that I would go on facebook just to update that group once a night for five minutes. I told Shane when I went on and told him when I got off in order to stay accountable for how long I was on. And it was always only after all the kids were in bed.

Throughout the week I realized that it wasn’t very much the kids that were getting ignored by my being on the internet, it in was more my home and husband. This week I have been able to keep up with the cleaning and laundry much better. I am not stressed about getting it done because I was just slowly working at it throughout the morning between feeding kids and wiping bums.

Then the evenings were so wonderful. Instead of me mindlessly going through pinterest while Shane watched tv or read we were having movie nights complete with popcorn and yummy raspberry tea or we would play our favorite game, Catan, together. We really enjoyed each other’s company and attention.

I also started putting together a study unit for Will’s preschool. I am basing it off of the Whole Body Listening chart I found weeks ago. It is hanging on our wall next to where we do schoolwork. I am really excited about the project and hope to have it completed in a month or so. I am only on week one right now and there will be eight weeks total when I am finished. I am preparing it in PDF so I can share it here with you all!

Then there are a couple of things I wasn’t able to do more of like I was hoping.

I thought I would have all the time in the world to get sewing. Nope. I found that spending time with the kids during the day and Shane in the evening was more important right now. I LOVE sewing, crocheting, beading, woodburning, etc and I hope to get going on my projects soon…but I am slowly learning that spending time with my family is more important than sewing for them. Now I understand why my mom stopped sewing for 10 years.

The other thing I was hoping to do more of is Bible Study. I did get to spend more time working on my Sunday School lesson but not really on my own personal Bible Study. I find it to be a challenge to find quiet time at any part of the day. Most days I end up reading with the kids rather than having my own time reading. So that is something I definitely NEED to work on because unlike sewing, it is more important than quality time with the family. If I cannot get close to God how can I display His love to my family?

So anyway, that’s my update. I have several posts coming up that I am very excited about so keep dropping by!

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