Our Screen Free Rainy Day

Our Screen Free Rainy Day

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I am not against kids watching tv or playing video games. I just want to put that out there before I begin. However, Shane and I do enjoy a day or two a week where the tv stays off. We don’t want our kids to become unable to entertain themselves and unable to use their fantastic imaginations.

Saturday was a rainy day here. That can be the best combination: Saturday + rainy day = movie day! That is typically what we would do. However, Saturday was supposed to be the kiddie carnival here in Inuvik. The kids were so disappointed that we wouldn’t be outside playing games. I decided we would have a screen free Saturday and just play together all day. So, here are some fun ways to spend a screen free rainy day!

1. Cardboard Box

This seriously lasted for an hour and a half. It started out as a dog cage. Then some tape and another box turned it into a hotwheels ramp. A couple rips down the sides and we had a throne for the King and Queen (a piece of construction paper, stickers, and tape made their crowns).

2. Playdough

I don’t really think much needs to be said about this. If you can ignore all the tiny crumbs of dried up playdough on the floor for a little while then this activity is so much fun. I even enjoy creating with them. I think we spent about an hour doing this.

3. Boat Races

This was by far the biggest hit. They each built their own boats out of popsicle sticks, glue, and buttons. I had to help a little when it came to glue. But they did most of it themselves. Then we filled up the bathtub and they raced their boats. They spent about a half hour playing with their boats in the tub until they started to fall apart. It was a lot of fun.

The kids working on their popsicle stick boats
The kids working on their popsicle stick boats

Share some of your rainy day activities with me!

4 thoughts on “Our Screen Free Rainy Day

  1. Really love this idea! This past winter the boys and I really enjoyed moving the couches in the living room to make giant tents with blankets and pillows. We also loved music time – they banged on the piano, and I even started teaching them some basic conducting skills.

      1. Haha! I will warn you… don’t use duct tape to tape any blankets to the walls… we still have 4 places where the paint ripped off the wall. I need to get repaint our living room. hehe.

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