Do’s and Don’ts of Running a 5k

Do’s and Don’ts of Running a 5k

I made some goals for this summer. One of them was to run a 5k. I am NOT a runner. I am horribly slow and I get winded easily. But those are sort of the reasons why I run now. Anyway, I decided to sign up for the Midnight Sun Fun Run this year. It is to celebrate our first day of 24 hour daylight. After participating in my first 5k, I thought I’d share what I have learned.


DO carb up before the race. Carbs take longer for your body to digest, therefore giving you energy longer.

carbo load

DO NOT eat a bowl of alfredo minutes before the race. This just ends in disaster…disgusting disaster.


DO bring your dog. It’s always fun to run with your pup.

DO NOT let your dog pee on your friend’s bag. I stopped mine just in time 🙂


DO find a friend to run with. It’ great to have someone who can help push you along.

DO NOT talk the whole time. Apparently this can be annoying when your friend is trying to focus on the race. (Sorry, Kate!)


DO be a good cheerleader! Everyone loves a bit of encouragement!

DO NOT yell “keep running” to that old man on the sidewalk. I don’t think he was part of the race.


DO finish strong. Keep running right to the end!

DO NOT run around and point people’s faces yelling, “You lost!” Or in my son, William’s words: “I won you! I won you!”beat you

I encourage anyone to take part in a 5k. Even if you don’t run, walk! And don’t forget to go vote for your favorite cake at the Birthday Cake Battle!

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