Birthday Cake Battle Winner

Birthday Cake Battle Winner

So here’s what happened. I made a post about the Birthday Cake Battle in June. I asked readers to vote for their favorite cake and I would make that cake for my birthday. I got two votes for two different cakes. So I got to be the tie breaker 🙂 Because Shane’s mom made me a surprise cheesecake for my birthday I thought I’d go with the…(drum roll)…


The Chocolate Italian Love Cake!

Here’s my review

      This cake is not much to look at. The picture on the site and even my picture above make it look pretty amazing but the cake as a whole looked like…well, meatloaf. Don’t believe me?

full cake

Believe me now? I told Shane that I feel like if I ever needed to make a cake that looked like meatloaf I know exactly what to do. We are considering selling the idea to Cake Boss.

But don’t give up on my meatloaf cake yet. 

As I added each layer I became more and more unsure of my decision. I kept thinking about that Caramel Cheesecake I could be eating right now. But I hate wasted ingredients so this thing was happening.

As it baked it smelled wonderful. So wonderful. I let it cool on the counter and prepared my icing. The recipe never said to thaw the Cool Whip so I didn’t. I feel like that was a flaw in the recipe because it was impossible to fold in frozen Cool Whip. That contributed to the meatloaf look. Also, in Canada we don’t have the same size pudding boxes as in the States. So I had to use what I could find and it made the icing much thicker than it should have been. So, if you are going for the meatloaf look, use frozen Cool Whip and too much pudding mix.

I hope I haven’t scared you off yet. I am just giving this cake a hard time. Once it was sliced and set on my plate I started to feel a little better about this cake. It looked pretty 🙂 Things got even better when I took a bite. Each layer on their own are nothing special. But when you put them together everything makes sense. With each bite I felt more sorry for ever doubting this cake. Sorry, cake.

Then after THOROUGHLY ENJOYING this cake I delivered some pieces to my family and friends around town. That was as much fun as baking the cake. So, the question…would I ever make this cake again? YES! Definitely!

Let me know if you try it and what you think of it!

Note: I halved the recipe because of the cost of the ricotta cheese. Also I used Betty Crocker Gluten Free cake mix.


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