TV Workout: Gilmore Girls

TV Workout: Gilmore Girls

gilmore girls

I have been on a big Gilmore Girls kick lately. I HATED this show as a teen and was very reluctant to give it a second try. But when you don’t have cable or satellite and your friend offers her Gilmore Girls series on DVD, you accept. I am a little bit embarrassed to say that I really love this show now. It has become my entertainment while I crochet and while I workout. So I came up with this quick workout for while watching Gilmore Girls.

Gilmore girls work out

Each time you hear/see the thing on the list you do the exercise that goes along with it. It is basic and very adaptable. Just switch out an exercise or increase the reps of each exercise as you go.

ETA: Sorry! I spelled names wrong! And completely messed up Lane’s haha! Ok, so it’s Sooki not Suki and Lane not Lyn. Maybe one day I’ll be a Gilmore Girls expert 😊

Let me know if you try it out! Have a show you’d like a workout for? Let me know!


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