Don’t Let Go

Don’t Let Go


I won’t pretend to fully understand the Song of Solomon. I have read it through several times and even with study helps I find it a difficult book to understand. As I read it through, I try to grab whatever I can to apply to my life.

As a love letter, I find ways to apply it both to my relationship with my husband as well as my relationship with my Lord. As I came across chapter three verse four I had to stop and jot some things down in my notebook.

The verse says, “It was but a little that passed from them, but I found him whom my soul loveth: I held him, and would not let him go…”

What am I willing to let go of Christ for?

I am NOT speaking of my salvation. I have mentioned before that my salvation is about what Christ has done for me on the cross. I cannot lose my salvation. God gave me my salvation when I asked forgiveness of my sins and He will not take it back.

Now, I can ask again, what am I willing to let go of Christ for? For that time I am at the restaurant and don’t want everyone to see me pray? How about for that football game that is on during church? Am I willing to let go of Christ for that music that appeals to my flesh but I know doesn’t honor the Lord?

Christ is more important than any of those things. Why are we willing to let our standards go (even just for an evening) for them? Christ gave Himself for us and yet we choose things that do not please Him.

If you are holding onto things of the world you are not holding onto Christ. You can’t have both. Stop trying. Let go of the things of the world. Hold onto Christ and don’t let Him go.

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