Pray ye therefore…

Pray ye therefore…

prayer intiative

Our church was given an initiative.

Matthew 9:38 says, “Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.”

We set our alarms for 9:38 AM and 9:38 PM and when the alarm goes off, pray for God to send a man to be our Pastor. I cannot express what a blessing this has been to our family.

The first few mornings it was me explaining to the kids why we are praying and what we are praying for then I would lead in prayer. The evenings were usually Shane and I pausing the TV and taking a few moments to pray together for God to send us a Pastor.

But then the alarm went off when we had guests over. We stopped what we were doing and all prayed together. What a blessing to pray with other Christians! We have been praying with people we haven’t prayed with for a long time. Some of them we have never prayed with before. And now at 9:38 we are all bowing our heads for a common cause.

And in the mornings now the kids come running to me when they hear the alarm and they each want a turn to pray for our future Pastor. And it has grown to be more than just praying for our pastor. We pray for our families and our community.

What are you praying for? I encourage you to do a prayer initiative. Set an alarm. Pray for it everyday. You will receive a blessing.

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