You Are Free

You Are Free


We are home from our travels! Thanks to all of you who kept checking in here for new posts. I am sorry they weren’t happening! I really thought I would have more time. The Lord put a lot of things on my heart in the past weeks, though, that I hope to share with all of you as time goes by.

I am so glad to have visited with so many of you during my trip to the States. I know I would have loved to see so many more of you but I understand it just couldn’t happen this time. Thankyou to those of you who traveled so far to come see my family. I know many of you sacrificed time (and gas money!) and I really appreciate it.

Before I start unpacking all our stuff and begin the never ending pile of laundry that needs washed I want to share a funny little story with you. I was driving to breakfast one morning and after I had been in the car for a few minutes I noticed a fly flying around the front. Every couple minutes he would make a mad dash for the window (which was closed) and then go back into hiding for a little while. By the third time this happened I thought, ‘Hey, I will give this guy a break and just open the window for him.’ So now my window is open and he is no where to be seen. As soon as I close it guess who comes to smash his face on the glass? That fly is back at it. I think we went through this process 3 or 4 times before I got to where I was going.

When I got out of the car I left the window open for the fly because I didn’t really want to deal with him all the way home, too. I came back after an hour or so, rolled up the window and went on my way. Within a few minutes here is this fly ready to get beat up again. Why did he not take any of the many opportunities to fly away! He was free! He could have been at peace flying around in the manure filled air (got to love Lancaster County)!

But this fly isn’t much different than me sometimes. Before I was saved I was a slave to sin. I served the devil and was in bondage. But when I got saved the Lord set me free from that bondage. I have a choice and the Lord offers strength and help to make the right choices. Yet I act like I am still bound to these sins as if I have no choice but to sin. I am free from sin! That fly in the car was free to go but he acted as if he was still in bondage. The end of Galatians 5:1 says to not be entangled again with the yoke of bondage. You have been set free. Why act as if you are still bound to sin? Why go back to that life of serving self?

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