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Crochet Scarf Pattern

Crochet Scarf Pattern

I love winter. I love scarves. I love mittens. I love crocheting. Most of you already know these things about me. This winter I have been experimenting and trying out  a lot of new patterns. These patterns have been inspiring me and I have been able to come up with several patterns of my own. I am really excited to share this pattern with you. It started out as a scarf but when it was coming out WAY TOO THICK I decided to make this short scarf/neck-warmer. It attaches with buttons which gives it a great look. And although hard to see in this photo, it has two braids down the middle. This is a new technique for me that I am in love with now!


Here is my pattern. I have been writing out patterns for a while but this is my first pattern for other people. Please let me know if you have any questions about it or get stuck anywhere. I am in the process of making a video tutorial so that will be added in time! Don’t let the fptc and bptc scare you! Give it a try!

What you need:

Hook: J/10 (6.00 mm)

Yarn: two different colors (or two strands of one color). Use only one strand if you want a thinner scarf.


sc- single crochet

hdc- half double crochet

fptc- front post triple crochet

bptc- back post triple crochet (^follow same instructions as front post but do it from behind instead)

Holding both colors, chain 21. You will be holding the two yarns as if they are one for the rest of the pattern.

Round 1: sc in second chain from hook. Sc across. 

Round 2: Chain two (acts as first hdc for the rest of the pattern), hdc next three stitches, fptc in next four stitches, hdc in next four stitches, fptc in next four stitches, hdc in last 4 stitches. Chain two. Turn.

Round 3: Chain two, hdc in next three stitches, SKIP FIRST TWO FPTC then BPTC in the next two fptc. Go back and bptc in the first two fptc that you skipped. Hdc in next four stitches. SKIP FIRST TWO FPTC then BPTC in the next two fptc. Go back and bptc in the first two fptc that you skipped. Hdc in the last four stitches. Chain two. Turn. 

Round 4: Chain two, hdc in next three stitches. Fptc in next four stitches. Hdc in next four stitches. Fptc in next four stitches. Hdc in last four stitches. Chain two. Turn.

The fptc and the bptc are what give the scarf beautiful braids down the sides.

Repeat rounds 3 & 4 until desired length (about 32 inches).

Cross over the scarf so the right corner of the right side meets (and lays on top of) the left corner of the left side. Attach buttons on the part of the scarf that is on the bottom and the buttons can push up through the fptc/bptc.

Printables Collection {Christmas Cards}

Printables Collection {Christmas Cards}

You’ll have to forgive me. I am on a big printables kick lately. I love it. I am even working on a handful of my own printables. And since Christmas is right around the corner what better printable to work on than Christmas cards? These are the Christmas cards I am handing out this year. I love them because they are simple and cute. They are blank on the inside so I can have a personal greeting for each one. I really like them. I am yet to figure out how to give you an image to know what the card looks like before downloading so you’ll just have to trust me, I guess. Bear with me…I will figure it out one day!

christmas cards 1. Nativity Christmas Card

2.Owl Christmas Card

3.Penguin Christmas Card

4.Snoopy Christmas Card

Just print them onto card stock. There are two on each page. Enjoy!

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

christmas countdown

Did you realize that it is only one month until Christmas! One Month! Every year I Pinterest Christmasy things for months in anticipation for Christmas. Then Christmas comes and goes before I get a chance to do all my Christmasy things with the kids. This year I am prepared! I am making a Christmas Countdown to do with the kids. I will start December 1. I am making a construction paper garland (the ones we made in elementary by stapling a bunch of strips together to make a chain). On each strip I will have a different activity to do. Slowly our chain will get shorter and shorter until we are at Christmas Day which will end with reading the Christmas story found in Luke 2. Here is the list I made, I won’t be using all of these as I only need 25 but I will pick from this list:

Read Christmas Story in Luke 2 (This will be broken up throughout the month and then end with reading about Christ’s birth on Christmas Day)

Read Christmas Books

Watch Christmas Movies (This will happen several times as we have a lot of favorite Christmas movies)

Make Popcorn Garland

Make Construction Paper Garland (described above)

Bake Cookies (more than once I am sure!)

Make Felt Snowman to Dress Up (similar to that ever popular felt Christmas tree…I will make each child a blank snowman out of felt. They will each have their own pile of felt hats, mittens, eyes, nose, etc to put on and off their snowmen)

Decorate Christmas Tree

Make Christmas Ornaments

Make Christmas Cards

Make Christmas Candy (my kids are making Christmas candies to give as gifts to their cousins)

Play Snowman Slam (draw snowman faces on white cups, stack them up then let the kids throw a ball at them!)

Drive Around to See Christmas Lights

Sing Christmas Carols 

Take Christmas Photos with Photo Booth Props

Make Christmas Treats to Give Away

Sing Christmas Carols at Nursing Home

Make Paper Snowflakes

Make Snowman Pizza

Indoor Snowball Fight (using cotton balls or balled up paper)

Go Sledding

Make a Christmas Craft (we will do this a couple times and use some as gifts)

Make an Angel for the Tree

Make a Gingerbread House

I am going to plan these on the days I know they will work. I will make all the props and pieces ahead of time so I am not rushing around the day of to get the things ready. I want this to be completely fun and zero stress! I am open to more ideas! What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions? Want to print out this list? Grab my FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Countdown. (Gingerbread house wasn’t put on my printable so you’ll have to pencil it in there!)

Small Space Workout

Small Space Workout


Welcome to my bathroom. bathroom

It usually isn’t this clean. I cleaned it up just for you 🙂

Some days the only time I can find to workout is when the kids are in the bath. So I do a little workout right there in the bathroom. Yup, I can work up a sweat in that little space. I thought I would share a “small space workout” to encourage you to find time where ever you are to get a little exercise in. You don’t need a gym or a treadmill…just some motivation!

So, here’s my most recent small space workout!

small space workout

Modified push ups– my arm has really been hurting me lately so I switched to modified push ups for a while. Put your hands on the bath tub (or a wall) and slowly lower your body. Push back up. Repeat.

Squats– this core workout is probably my favorite but you have to make sure you do it right! I had my knees in bad shape for a while just because I didn’t take the time to look up the proper position: feet shoulder width apart, back straight, head up, butt out. Without letting your knees pass your toes, lower your body as if you were going to sit in a chair behind you. Go as low as you can then slowly go back up.

High Knees– run in place while lifting your knees up as high as you possibly can. 

Tricep dips– stand with your back facing a bench/chair/couch and put your hands on the bench.  Put your legs out and slowly lower your body. It’s like an upside down push up. Keeping your legs out and body straight, raise and lower your upper body.

Modified Surfer Squat– Stand with your legs should width apart. Like the squat, don’t let your knees go past your toes as you touch your left hand to your right foot. Stand up then touch your right hand to your left foot.

Printables Collection {All Things Kitchen}

Printables Collection {All Things Kitchen}

I am still undecided if I want to include recipes and other kitchen printables in my main binder. Initially I thought I did. But as I find more and more things I want in my binder I think it might be better to have a separate binder for kitchen related things. Here are a few of the printables I would like to see in my Kitchen Binder:

Recipe Cards and Cover Pages

These have great color options. This site also has great cover pages for each type of recipe. Which I really love.

Meal Planning List

This is not the first thing from I Heart Naptime that I love. There are a lot of great things on here. I really like this printable because it is not too busy or cluttered. She also gives some recipes to put on your list!

Kitchen Wall Art

 I know that this says wall art. I am not likely to hang these in my kitchen, though, only because I don’t have much picture space on my walls. But I love them so much I think that I would use these throughout my binder somehow. She has A LOT of great designs.

Editable Recipe Cards

Am I the only one who sees ‘edible’ recipe cards at first glance? Reminds me of the bubble gum checks I had as a kid. Anyway, these are neat. You can download them and then edit them before you print them. I wish I could change the little saying, though, as it doesn’t really fit my style. Oh well. The idea of typing in my recipes is neat.

Conversion Charts

This is sort of the ultimate kitchen binder collection. I think it might have just about anything you would want for your own kitchen binder. Bonus- it comes in three different color schemes! Then once the color scheme of choice is downloaded you see that you got 11 different PDFs in your package! My favorite thing in this package is the conversion chart. For a Standard girl living in a Metric world it is very helpful!

And in the spirit of kitchen printables I thought I would share my own recipe card printables. Basic. Nothing fancy. Just click to download >>>>> RecipesGreen<<<<>>>>RecipesYellow<<<<<

What are some of your favorite kitchen printables? I would like to find a good pantry list. I haven’t found one for free that I love so maybe I will just make my own. Maybe…

Homemade Teething Popsicles

Homemade Teething Popsicles

Got a teething toddler? I do. She’s miserable. And when a toddler is miserable everyone is miserable! It got to the point a week or two ago that she wouldn’t eat anything. In my attempt to keep her hydrated I came up with this quick, no brainer popsicle recipe. If you can even call it a recipe…


All you need is:

  • Blender (magic bullet, food processor, etc)
  • Popsicle molds (if you don’t own any I seriously suggest making the investment. And you don’t have to have kids to enjoy a homemade popsicle every now and then.)
  • Frozen fruit (whatever kind you want. I used a mix of peaches, pineapples, strawberries, and grapes.)
  • Water

All you need to do is:

  • Blend fruit with water (I used 2 cups fruit and one cup water but use how ever much of each that makes it the consistency you want.)
  • Pour fruity mixture into molds.
  • Put it in the freezer for two hours.

Pepper loved these. She would just sit and suck on it for a while. The older kids liked them a lot, too. I even ate a couple as post workout snacks 🙂 What are some of your favorite popsicle recipes? I have really been enjoying coming up with new recipes so I am sure more will make an appearance here!

To Chip or Not To Chip

To Chip or Not To Chip


If you love Veggie Chips I think it would be best for you to not read this post. Go ahead, move on. Nothing to see here.

I really love chips. In the last week I decided (with the help of my accountability buddies!) to not eat any more chips until January. This is because I could probably sit down and eat an entire bag of Doritos. I have never actually done that but I don’t at all doubt my ability to do so. And how do I feel after I do eat a lot of chips? AWFUL! But for some reason I keep going back to them…

I was eating some veggie chips the other day and I checked out the nutritional facts. I was surprised by the amount of calories and sodium in these “healthy” chips. So, I compared them to my favorite unhealthy chips, Doritos, and the bbq chips I found in the cupboard. The results were a little surprising!

Here is a side-by-side comparison of these chips. I used Old Dutch BBQ, Doritos Tangy Cheese, and Good Health Veggie Chips. Here’s a photo of their serving sizes, each 50 grams.

chips blog


SODIUM: BBQ- 390 mg; DORITOS- 390 mg; VEGGIE CHIPS- 350 mg 

FAT: BBQ- 14 g; DORITOS- 15 g; VEGGIE CHIPS- 12 g

I recorded the rest of the facts but for sake of time lets stop here and try to come to a conclusion. Calories speak for themselves. If you are the type to count calories (I am not) then it’s obvious these chips are equals. Sodium. All of these chips have more than 15% of the suggested daily intake of sodium. Anything higher than 10% is no good and should not be eaten often. Definitely not everyday! Lastly, the fat. I need to say that the fat in the BBQ and Doritos chips are not the same as the Veggie Chips.

BBQ and Doritos have saturated fats…clog your arteries fats. These fats raise your cholesterol and are no good for your heart. Veggie Chips have only 2 g of the saturated fats and 10 grams of unsaturated fats. These fats lower bad cholesterol and can help prevent heart disease.

So does that mean Veggie Chips are good for me? NO! Look at all that sodium! Seriously the unsaturated fats are the only thing in there good for you but they are so covered in sodium! If you are really interested in getting more unsaturated fats in your diet you can eat nuts, seeds, vegetable oils, and avocados (just to name a few).


1. I would rather just eat Doritos if I am going to eat chips at all.

2. Read your labels!!! 

Printables Collection {Calendars and Planners}

Printables Collection {Calendars and Planners}

*Update. Check out my 2017 list here!*

Each morning I pull my three notebooks, Bible, book, and laptop off the desk and bring it to the kitchen. My mobile office, I suppose. Next to them I set my three markers, 1 red pen, and one black pen. Each has a different use, of course. I think my black pen may be close to the end of it’s life but that’s a different matter completely. It will be thoughtfully replaced in time.

If you follow me on pinterest you already know that I have been planning my 2016 Planner since the middle of August. I have been through a lot of blogs looking for a calendar and planner that fit my style. I am really excited about my planner because I am making it completely custom to my needs. I have all sorts of ideas for my planner. I am excited to have my “mobile office” turned into one notebook instead of the three I carry around. For today I am just sharing my favorite free printables for 2016 calendars and planners. In the next weeks I will be sharing my favorite printables for other sections of my notebook.

2016 Calendars and Planners

1.Chalkboard Calendar

This is the one I chose for my main calendar. I will have two calendars. One for my babysitting/appointments and one for meal planning. I chose this one because I thought it’d be neat to color in the names of the months. This blog has three different styles to choose from.

2. Rainbow Planner/Calendar

Have you been to this blog? Just about my favorite blog for printables ever! There’s something for everyone there! I am using this blog for my To Do Lists for now. I will probably use it for more things as I get to printing for 2016.

3. Handwritten Calendar

I really, really love this one. I think the style fits perfectly how I want my planner to feel. The only thing with this one is you have to subscribe to her email list to get the printable (I think that’s an awesome deal!)

4. Pattern and Landscape Calendar

These are great designs. I really love that handwriting font on this one, too. There are a couple different options for design here.

5. Decorative Calendar and Planner

I just love everything about this planner. Clean, attractive designs. There is a lot more than just a calendar here, too. Some of these printables will definitely make it into my planner.

Can’t find anything you like here? Young Housewife also shared a few of her favorites! What are some must haves in your planner?

*Update- more of my posts with printables for your planner! To Do ListsKitchen Printables

The Voice of One Speaking

The Voice of One Speaking

he heard the voice

The Isrealites have been numbered “according to the word of the Lord.” They have set up the tabernacle exactly as the Lord commanded. They then bring their offerings and sacrifices to the Lord. After all this is completed Moses enters the tabernacle specifically to speak to the Lord. And what happens? Moses hears the voice of one speaking unto him from off the mercy seat. (Numbers 7).

When was the last time you heard the voice the of the Lord speaking to you? When was the last time you specifically went to the Lord to hear from Him? I noticed Moses first followed God’s commands. He numbered the people and set up princes among tribes. He followed God’s plan to make the tabernacle. Then after the sacrifices were given he went into the tabernacle to speak with the Lord. Before we go to the Lord we must make sure we are right with the Lord. If we are not right with the Lord our prayers WILL BE HINDERED.

Then when he was right with the Lord Moses went into the tabernacle. I view this as sort of a prayer closet or war room. Take the time to go to the Lord. A time free of distractions. A time for the Lord.

Then hear the voice of One speaking. Hear from the Lord today.