Preschool Angel Craft

Preschool Angel Craft

You might remember last week I told you about my Christmas Countdown. We have been having a lot of fun with it so far! Today, day 3, we made Christmas Angels using basic shapes and materials. I did this intentionally to use it as a double learning time. Not only are we learning how to use glue and following instructions, we are also reviewing our shapes.



We glued these onto a paper bag but you could use whatever you want: construction paper, toilet paper roll, etc. First lay the heart down (angel’s wings), then the triangle (angel’s body), then the circle (angel’s head). The kids can draw on the face, hair, halo and whatever else they want on it. We added a lot of snowflake stickers.

angel complete

It works well as a tree topper, too.

angel on tree


angel main photo

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