See It For Yourself

See It For Yourself

It is a dark, calm night. The only light comes from the stars and the only sounds are the bleating of the sheep and the gentle ripples from the brook. It is probably a very typical night for the shepherds in that field.

And suddenly, something not so typical happens. We all know the story. Angels appear before them and they are given a wonderful message. The Saviour they had been waiting for was born not far away in Bethlehem.

What they did with this information is what challenges me. mountains post photoThey left their flocks and went to see it for themselves. Just knowing about Christ was not good enough for them. They went to see Him for themselves.

Let me challenge you now. Just knowing about salvation is not good enough.Do something with that information- see it for yourself. Accept Christ as your personal Saviour. Just knowing about happiness and contentment is not enough. We need to find (in the Bible) how to have it in our own lives and then have it. Just knowing about forgiveness is not enough. We need to see it for ourselves, in our own lives. We need to forgive.

When we learn a biblical truth, just knowing it is not enough. We need to apply it and act on it…with haste.

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