Everyday Beauty

Everyday Beauty

new everyday beauty

When I saw that Young Housewife was hosting a link up I was excited to be part of it. Her topic: Everyday Beauty. While there are extraordinary things that I get to enjoy the beauty of (Northern Lights, 24 hour daylight, etc) there are many many more everyday things that I love and that have beauty to me.

I see beauty in the fact that my DSCF7598husband purposely left my favorite snack on a shelf that is low enough for me reach. I didn’t have to reenact a scene from Kung Fu Panda to get it down.



I see beauty in creating things. In having time to create things. DSCF7600I see beauty in providing for my family in this way.





I see beauty in sisterhood. I have 4 sisters and they are my best friends. We live worlds apart and yet are still best friends.

sistersWe share memories and bonds that no one else can be a part of. And now I see beauty in raising two little girls who will be best friends for life. I see beauty in teaching them the beauty of sisterhood.


I see beauty in a simple childhood. Enjoying the little things like watching cars go by and baking cookies. I love when my kids get excited to see the moon in the night and sun in the morning. They are surrounded by snow 9 months out of the year yet they still get excited to see that it is snowing.

DSCF7302When it is time to read they all pile on my lap to hear the story and see the pictures. They like building forts and playing house. I find a simple childhood to be beautiful.



I could go on and on but I will end there. Be sure to visit the Young Housewife to share your list of Everyday Beauties. Comment below with some for me, too!

3 thoughts on “Everyday Beauty

  1. Things I find beauty in…

    gentle kisses
    warm hugs
    whispers of “I love you”
    my boys laughing
    my boys playing together
    freshed baked smells
    Levi napping
    a clean home
    a well written poem
    a perfect writing pen
    two friends meeting one another after a long time being apart…
    so many things!

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