Forgotten Cookies

Forgotten Cookies

If your home is anything like mine right now it smells amazing! I bet you all have started your holiday baking and can hardly keep your hands out of the cookie jar. I actually don’t have a cookie jar. But I do have a cookie bin. I think it might hold more cookies than an average cookie jar. That’s a good thing.

forgotten cookie title

One Christmas cookie that I ALWAYS remember having is the Forgotten Cookie.
As long as I can remember my mom made them for us every Christmas.recipe box I made them for Shane our first Christmas together and now they are his absolute favorite Christmas cookie.

These are a delicate meringue that will melt in your mouth. But before you can enjoy the deliciousness you need to follow these careful instructions.

You must beat the egg whites STIFF. peaks farLike, super stiff. Here, let me show you a
picture of my egg whites in all their stiff peakness.                                                                                      —->>>


Can I get a close up?

peaks close up

Yes, that is better. When you lift the beaters out of the egg whites you should be able to make peaks that stay put. If you don’t then you better get back to beating or you are in for a major disappointment. Seriously.

Ok, our eggs are beat stiff. We FOLD in our vanilla, sugar, and chocolate chips. Did you read that correctly? Fold them in. Please don’t stir them in or you will ruin my wonderful cookies.

Now, drop them by the tablespoon full onto a baking sheet DSCF7717covered with parchment paper. DO NOT GREASE your pan instead of the parchment paper. I threw away a double batch yesterday because I thought I could just grease the pan. So. Sad.

Now, at this point your oven is already preheated to 350 degrees. Put your cookies in the oven. Now don’t miss this last step as it is the most important: TURN OFF THE OVEN. Then forget about them. Get it, forgotten cookies. Leave them until the oven is completely cooled. DSCF7729My mom used to always make them before bed then just pull them out in the morning.


Now, enjoy your new favorite Christmas Cookie! Print the recipe Forgotten Cookies.


What are some of your favorite Christmas cookies? Have you ever made my forgotten cookies? Share some Christmas memories with me!

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