Move or Rest?

Move or Rest?

Two days ago I had a LONG post all typed out and ready to go. It was prepared after months of thinking about it. It truly was my heart poured out. I spoke of personal struggles and victories. I added nice images. I clicked ‘Publish’. I waited about 10 minutes but I could not get peace about it. I quickly clicked delete and just hoped no one had read it yet. I cannot understand why the Lord doesn’t want it told but I must obey Him. I am hoping I will have the peace one day to share that post with you all. But the Lord knows.

I am not the first person to be told to be still. God spoke to the Israelitesnumbers using the cloud and the fire. When God said to move they moved. But when God said to rest, they rested. God didn’t always tell them to move. God didn’t always tell them to rest. They had to be watching to know.

I mentioned a couple months back (here) that Mary and the shepherds both knew about Christ’s birth but they responded so differently from each other. The shepherds went and told everyone while Mary pondered it in her heart. They were both doing what God wanted them to do. But they didn’t both speak.

A couple weeks ago I ran into something that I didn’t quite know how to handle. I didn’t know if I needed to speak up or not. I went to Psalms and started looking for an answer. I found it in Psalm 4:4, “Stand in awe, and sin not: commune with your own heart upon your bed, and be still.” This was a clear answer to me that I was to just be still. Pray about it, but not speak about it. I think that if the Lord had wanted me to speak He would have led me to a different still

I say all this to encourage you to think before you speak. Better yet, pray before you speak. Does the Lord want you speak? Maybe He does. Make sure first. Does the Lord want you to be still and quiet? Maybe He does. Make sure first. And just like the Israelites had to be watching to know if the Lord wanted them to rest or move we need to have our focus on Christ to know whether to rest or move.

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