10 Ways to Love Your Husband

10 Ways to Love Your Husband

Only 364 days to Valentine’s Day! Yesterdaylove your husband I saw so many posts about not celebrating Valentine’s based on the idea that we shouldn’t reserve one day to show our spouse we care, but rather show them love the whole year long. That’s fine. It doesn’t bother me one bit if people choose to not celebrate Valentine’s Day. But I did wonder what those couples did all year long to celebrate their love for each other. Do they truly make an effort to show each other they care all year long? With most the couples, I don’t doubt at all that they make that effort. But what can I do?

Months and months ago, when Creating Kilter was just a little baby I wrote a post called “Do Him Good.” It is possibly my favorite post on here. I suggest you take a moment to check that out. In that post I talked about how we are to do our husband no evil, but it doesn’t stop there. We are also supposed to purposely do him good. I believe this falls right in line with Valentine’s and those couples that purposely show their love through the whole year. Whether we celebrate Valentine’s Day or not I think we should be purposely showing our spouse that we love them all year long.

Here are some ideas for you. Here are some ways to love your husband.


  1. Prayer. This cannot be over emphasized. We need to be praying for each other. Looking for ways to pray for your husband? Check out my list.
  2. Touch. This one is so much fun. Remember when you were first married and you were always holding hands? You always sat right next to each other, cuddled while watching movies, put your hand on his back as you walked past him? I could go on. Go back to doing that. Go back to holding your man’s arm when you stand next to him in a group of friends. Go back to sitting so close during church.
  3. Notes. When was the last time you gave your hubby and handwritten note? Lately I have been trying to do this at least once a week. Sometimes I will write a handful and plant them in all different places. He might findfile0007744526.jpg the notes days or weeks apart but eventually he finds them. I hide them in his Bible, his pants pocket, his wallet, his dresser drawer, his desk, etc. I bet you are thinking right now where you could hide one for your husband.
  4. Food. You had to have seen this coming. After all, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. Is this true for any of your men? I don’t know if this is true for everyone but surely it doesn’t hurt! Shane’s favorite dessert is lemon meringue pie and his favorite dish is peppered chicken. When I want to show him some extra loving, those two things will be on the menu! What’s your man’s favorite dishes?
  5. Tell him. When Shane and I were dating, every time we hung up the phone we would say, “I love you” first. You probably all did, too. Do you still? Do you still tell him you love him before he goes off to work? Do you still tell him you love him before you fall asleep at night? Do you still tell him you love him? He may know you do, but it helps to say it.
  6. Service. I realize that in today’s world saying that we should serve our husbands is a big no-no. But I am here to say that it does wonders in a marriage. I delight in bringing him a drink when he is relaxing, making his meals each day, having the home clean for him when he gets home (although that last one doesn’t always happen!) Serving him is showing him that I love him. And you know what? He likes to serve me, too! He makes me coffee, he fills up my water bottle, he helps me with chores. Service is essential in a marriage and it is a great way to show you love your spouse.
  7. Date Night. When you live in a remote area, there are very few ways to have date nights outside the home. There are a handful of things every now and then we have done outside the home for date nights, but right now we don’t even have a restaurant here! So how do I plan date nights? Usually our date nights are movie nights. I choose a movie that I know he loves and try to get some themed snacks to go along with it. Or maybe I will make his favorite dessert and have that with a movie. Date nights don’t have to be a big huge deal. The main idea is that you are spending time together alone. The Dating Divas have a lot of fun ideas. But I have found that Shane really appreciates when I take the time to plan something IMG-20150130-WA0010like that.
  8. Gifts. If you have read “The 5 Love Languages” you know that gifts is one of the love languages. Really, this isn’t my love language. I would much rather quality time with my husband than a gift. But if gifts is your husband’s love language than a little gift every now and then might mean a lot to him! Buy him a soda (or pop…I never do know) on your way home from the store, get him a bag of skittles, a funny card, etc. Whatever it is that your husband might enjoy, get him that. It doesn’t have to be big, in fact, the smaller gifts seem to be more fun and spontaneous.
  9. Brag about him. Let others know about his strengths. Let others know why you love him so much and how much he means to you. And not just on your Facebook anniversary post. When you are with your friends, when you are talking to your kids, etc. Let others know that you are so proud to be that man’s wife.
  10. Fill in the blank! Tell me, what should the 10th way be to love your husband? What have I missed here? What do you do?


Anything on my list stand out to you? What are some things you’d like to work on ? What are your ideas for the next 364 days of showing your husband that you love him?

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7 thoughts on “10 Ways to Love Your Husband

  1. I Love getting new ideas! Theses are great! I need to get back to giving him more notes. I do just not as often, I also love to send a text thanking him for what he is/means to me. I read a devotional as a teenager that talked about telling your loved ones you loved them whenever you talked on the phone or left each other. I never forgot it. You never know when that moment maybe your last.

  2. Really liked what you said about service!! Such a needed reminder for me – serving joyfully.

    Also, I just read a post by Ann Voskamp about the 10 second kiss. If I had to add a 10th, I’d say that. I think so often we get busy and kiss good bye or good night or whatever without really connecting. This post really convicted me: http://www.aholyexperience.com/2016/02/how-a-few-seconds-can-make-your-valentines-so-hot-it-lights-your-marriage-on-fire-the-conscious-coupling-series/

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