Peanut Butter Fudge Pancake Syrup

Peanut Butter Fudge Pancake Syrup

pb syrup

If you are allergic to gluten or know someone who is you might know that most of the artificial syrups have caramel color in them. Caramel color often contains gluten. While some things (like Coke) have caramel color and don’t bother me, that artificial maple syrup gives me a horrible reaction every time. It makes me so sick. So, obviously I don’t eat it anymore.

Pure maple syrup is a great alternative. First of all, it’s just plain better for you (as good as sugar can be for you) but also it is pure…so no fake stuff. It is pure maple syrup and completely gluten free. Lucky for me, I live in the North and have to pay triple the price for most items of that nature. Because of that, pure maple syrup just isn’t a luxury I choose to have. Instead, my daughters and I have been making our own “syrup.”

It is really easy to make!

1 TBSP honey

3 TBSP peanut butter

(or soy butter if you have a peanut free home like mine)

a splash of vanilla

Just put the honey and peanut butter in a mug and microwave for thirty seconds or so. Stir until smooth then add the vanilla. Poor your deliciousness over your pancakes. YUM. 

*note, as it cools it thickens. As that still tastes amazing it does make your pancakes seem more dry. So just heat it up right before you put it on your pancakes.

Then, if you have leftovers you can smear it on oreos or brownies or- I mean, apples and rice cakes! I would never smear this delicious peanut butter concoction onto a chocolatey dessert. That would be so delicious- I mean, unhealthy.

Let me know if you try this!

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