DIY Cowboy Checkers Board

DIY Cowboy Checkers Board

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Shane isn’t really into board games. Unless it is Settlers of Catan he is most likely not playing.But the other day he discovered a very interesting game called Cowboy Checkers (also called Nine Men’s Morris). He explained to me how to play and showed me a picture of the board. It didn’t look that complicated so we gave it a shot. We just got a piece of cardboard, a ruler, and a sharpie and went at it. We made the board in probably 20 minutes (could be done faster if you don’t care about symmetry).

As we started playing some friends were coming in and soon we had 5 adults around this board having a great time. It’s only a two player game but we just kept playing winner (which was Shane every time). It was a blast!

So, here’s how I made my board. Start with acowboycheckers1 piece of cardbord (the back of a cereal box would work perfectly) and make a big square on it. Put a dot in each corner and one dot between the corners…8 dots. Then do a smaller square within that one with the same amount of dots in the same places. Now do a third square, even smaller, in the middle of the board. Same amount of dots in the same places. Now, draw a line from the middle dot on the biggest square through the middle dot on the medium square and straight on through to the middle dot on the smallest square. Do that on each side. Now you have your board.

Instructions to play! If you want the Wikipedia instructions, go here. For my instructions…well, just keep reading.

Laying pieces. We use pennies and dimes. You need nine of each. Dimes will go first. Lay one dime on any dot on the board. Now pennies does the same. Go back and forth until all dimes and pennies are laid. When laying your pieces if you get three in a row you can steal one of your opponent’s pieces off of the board. So be watchful, and blocking when you need to block.

Pennies play first. You can move a penny to any connecting dot. You cannot skip around. It must be moved to a dot that is connected to the dot you are already on. Then dimes go. You go back and forth with the goal of getting three pieces in a row. If you get three in a row you get to remove one of your opponent’s pieces off of the board. Once one player has only three pieces left of the board they can jump around. They can move to any dot on the board now, not just connecting dots. When one player is left with only two pieces they have lost. The other player wins.

Make sense? If not, go ahead, read wikipedia’s instructions. I won’t tell. Let me know if you try this game out. Or maybe you have already heard of it and play it! Let me know where you heard of this game!


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