Are you standing in an even place?

Are you standing in an even place?

Did you know there is a Wikipedia page for falling accidentally? Weird, but true! If you go to that page you will learn that falling is the second leading cause of accidental death worldwide. Isn’t that crazy? I would have never guessed! And then if you look a little further there is a whole page dedicated to preventing falls. Among others, some ways to prevent a fall were to increase lighting, increase balance and strength, and to change your environment.

Psalm 26:12 says, “My foot standeth in an even place…” David was making an effort not to fall. He wasn’t putting himself in a place where he was likely to fall. Where are your feet today?

Are you dabbling in sin? Are you setting yourself up to fall back into your old life? Are you entertaining thoughts of sinful pleasures? You are not putting your feet in an even place. And just like falling down causes so much pain and sometimes death among the human race, when Christians fall it hurts. It hurts the individual who has fallen and it hurts the people around them.

How do we prevent falling spiritually? In many ways it’s the same as how we prevent falling physically.

Increase lighting. Be in God’s Word more often, be in church hearing preaching, be among God’s people, listen to godly music. Increase the Light in your life.

Increase balance and strength. Exercise faith. Exercise prayer. Exercise obedience. Strengthen your walk with the Lord.

Change your environment. Stop going to the places that cause you to sin. Stop being around the people that bring you down. Then start going to the places that encourage you to live right and be around the people that do the same.

Let’s start this weekend out right. Let’s make some changes in our life that will keep us from falling. Ask God to help you keep your feet in an even place.

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  1. A few weeks ago I met a man who had fallen from a 14 story building! Love how you say we increase our balance and strength through practicing and exercising prayer. A great thought to follow through on. Thanks, Sandy.

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