Digging Deeper in the Word {Questions to Ask}

Digging Deeper in the Word {Questions to Ask}

12833295_10153984012633970_1480735439_nFor months and months I have been having conversations with my son, William, about salvation. Our conversations years ago would often be after a punishment. We would explain to him that when he does something wrong it is a sin and sin requires punishment. We have worked our way up from that over the years and our conversations have gotten a little deeper. As his understanding increases we give him more to think about. A month ago he was listening to a song that said, “The preacher cries ‘get ready!’ ” He came to me and asked what that meant. I explained to him that Christ will come back one day and if he hasn’t asked God to forgive him for those sins he’s done then he can’t go to heaven with God. God won’t let sin into heaven. He walked away and I heard him stop on the stairs and sit down. Then I heard the sweetest sound to my ears, “God, please forgive me.” He continued on in prayer with the Lord for a few minutes then came to me and told me. We rejoiced together. We thanked God together. Then we all got to enjoy the excitement each time he told some one else about the decision he made.

After that I realized he needs to start having his own personal devotions. Yes, our family devotions are good for him and he learns so much in Sunday school. But I wanted him to learn how to have devotions at an early age. I want him to learn to set aside time and make it priority now. Maybe that will make it easier for him as an adult to make time for the Lord each day.

Now, he’s only five. He can read but not well enough for me to just say, “Go read your Bible. Tell me what you learned.” So, we sit down together each day before he starts his schoolwork. I gave him his own notebook and he uses his own Bible. He writes the date and the chapter that we will read. I decided to start him in Psalms since it is my favorite book. Before we start reading I remind him he should be listening for something he learned about God. I start reading and as soon as he hears something about God that he hasn’t heard before he taps my arm and tells me what it is. It could be “I can trust in God”. “God hears me.” “God is strong.” We aren’t looking for any profound truths, we are learning about God and Who He is. And you know what? When I hear these reminders about God and Who He is it is encouraging and challenging to me, too.

You don’t have to be a child to enjoy this form of Bible study. And asking “What does this tell me about God?” isn’t the only question you could be asking while you study (although it is a great one to use!)

Here are some more questions to ask as you study your Bible:

  1. What promises of God are in this passage?
  2. What warnings are in this passage?
  3. Are there any pictures of Christ in this passage?
  4. How does God show love in this passage?
  5. How does God show His righteousness in this passage?
  6. What is the key verse of this passage?
  7. What does this passage reveal about me?

When you are looking for something specific you are more likely to be paying attention to what you read. What are some other great questions to ask as you study your Bible? Or maybe the question you need to ask yourself right now is are you ready if Christ came back today?

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  1. Thanks for the share! I have been trying to dig deeper in the Word lately and these questions will help me do that more affectingly!

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