Digging Deep in the Word {Online Studies}

Digging Deep in the Word {Online Studies}

The internet is full of really awful things.12833295_10153984012633970_1480735439_n It is a tool that so many people have used for evil. We could just boycott it all and that’d be fine. But if we did that we would really be missing out on some wonderful things. I am so thankful that some women have put a lot of their time into making online Bible studies that I can follow right along with.

This morning I thought I would share some online Bible studies that you can follow right along with. Just a little disclaimer, though: I only use KJV. Although these women don’t use KJV I really think we can benefit from these studies…just pull out your KJV to follow along. Also, I have not done every study on every site. I am not saying that I agree with these women 100% on everything they say. But again, I think we can really benefit from them. Just use discernment.

  1. Good Morning Girls. I really love following along with these Bible studies. They work their way through the Bible and if you follow along on Instagram you will get daily reminders and little snippets from that day’s reading. It’s really encouraging. Then once a week head over to their blog and get a bigger more broken down devotion on what you’ve been reading that week. They’ve just started Ecclesiastes so you could head over there right now and not be far behind. Or if you’d like to study a book they have already done you can easily find their lists of books at the top of the blog.
  2. Time Warp Wife. I highly suggest reading about the Time Warp Wife when you get over to her blog. Her story is so incredible and just a true picture of God making beauty from the ashes. She offers quite a few Bible studies and she does them fairly often. Right now she’s taking a summer break but she has a page with all her previous studies if you’d like to do them while you wait for a new study to come along.
  3. Rachel Wojo. Rachel has lists and lists of Bible studies. She has them broken down to studies by Book, by Character, and by Topic. Some of these are not free but can be purchased on Amazon. But go through the list anyway because there are also a lot of free studies.

I know there must be a lot more online Bible studies out there. If you know of one please link to it in the comments. Share with us! These kinds of things are worth sharing! Have you ever used any of the studies I have recommended? What did you think of them? Which studies are your favorite?

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5 thoughts on “Digging Deep in the Word {Online Studies}

  1. Lean Not Unto My Own Understanding : willow10326.wordpress.com
    I only use KJB as well. The more I have been digging into the word of God, the more I understand why the KJB is the one for me.
    https://conformingtothetruth.net/ Lisa does an excellent job with her online studies but does not feel strongly about the KJB.
    Thank you for the links, I enjoy reading other studies as well but do only use the KJB when scriptures are referenced. There are many false prophets today and we need to know and understand the word of God to know the difference between truth and the devil trying to slither into our beliefs.

  2. Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies have changed my life and where I actually started blogging several years ago.

    Love the ones you listed. I’ve participated in all of them at one time or another, but I participate in all of the P31 studies. We are doing one now called The Husband Project – over 32,000 women.

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