DIY Bubble Wands

DIY Bubble Wands

I am home. I had such a wonderful time visitingbubble wands with my family. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to go down and be with them. And I am so thankful to the friends and family that were able to be around so often. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. The Lord saw it through from beginning to end. Complete strangers going out of their way to help me in the airports, even delaying a flight so that I wouldn’t miss it. He had a watchful eye over me the whole time.

This morning I thought I would share a simple DIY that I have done a couple times this summer. If you know me you probably know that I usually try to make something before I will buy it. You might remember last summer I shared my bubbles recipe. Today I will share how I make my own bubble wands for the kids.


Start with a wire hanger.Get one that doesn’t have the rubber coating on it.DSCF8788

Next get a wire cutter and cut the hanger into thirds. (Most pliers have a wire cutter on them)


Using the pliers bend the hanger to make a loop at the end. This takes a bit of time and muscle. Don’t give up. Also don’t make the loop too big.


Last, use the pliers to wrap the end of the wire around the wand handle. Make sure to go around a couple times and try to bend it into the handle so that the semi-sharp ends don’t poke little fingers. And speaking of semi-sharp ends, when I was done I took the end of the wand and scraped it against the side walk a bit to make it less sharp.


Wala! You’re ready for some bubble blowing fun!


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