Fear Not (neither be dismayed)

Fear Not (neither be dismayed)

Have you ever felt dismayed? It means to feel fear notstress or anxiety over something that is shocking. When something you least expect to happen happens you might feel dismayed. Maybe when things are going really well and then something goes wrong you would probably feel dismayed. 

Do you remember Joshua? He led the Israelite army to many victories and eventually into the Promised Land. One victory you probably have heard of is the Battle of Jericho. The Israelites followed God’s plan and the whole city was defeated. They were excited. They were encouraged. Something that looked impossible to them God made possible. I am sure their faith was increased.

Then Achan sinned.

Without knowing about Achan’s sin Joshua led the Israelite army into the next battle- against Ai. After defeating Jericho like they did with God’s power they had no doubt that the battle against Ai would be an easy battle. But it wasn’t. They lost horribly and many died. Why had they lost God’s power? Their was sin in the camp.

God reveals Achan’s sin to Joshua (be sure your sin will find you out!) and Joshua deals with it immediately. Achan and his family are killed as punishment (sin always leads to death). Now it is time to go fight Ai again.

“And the Lord said unto Joshua, Fear Not, neither be thou dismayed…” (Joshua 8:1)

Don’t be fearful. Don’t be anxious. Don’t be worried. I am on your side now.

We cannot let past failures affect how we go forward now. If we are moving forward with God’s blessing we have nothing to worry about…nothing to fear. We cannot let discouragements keep us still. The devil would love for us to think of all the times we failed and be too fearful to attempt anything else for God because of it.

So put the past behind you and and focus on moving forward with God’s blessings.


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