Take a Look Around!

Take a Look Around!

If you remember last week I talked look aroundabout the things I am doing to prepare for the homeschool year. Well, our school books came in (YAY!) and now I am spending every spare minute putting together the lesson plans…which is fun but way more time consuming than I expected!

I will be excited to share with you all some blogs I found helpful, books I am using, tricks for toddlers during homeschooling…all that fun stuff. But for now, I wanted to point out a couple things on the blog here that may have gone unnoticed.

Let’s start at the top and work our way down. Look to your right and you will see first of all a blue rectangle that says “Follow Creating Kilter”. If you want to be getting blog posts directly in your email click it. If not, keep on moving 🙂

Next is the link buttons for my social media. If you have Instagram or Pinterest follow me to see what I am up to!

Moving on down we are finally getting to what I actually wanted to talk about. Have you noticed this next link? I put it up months and months ago and never really said anything about it. My Disheveled Ducks is my sister’s amazing Etsy store. She makes some really awesome stuff. Click that to see what she has going on. I would love to add some more Etsy shops to that list so if you or someone you know has an Etsy shop with homemade items send me a link! I will check it out and if I love it I will add it to that list.

The last thing I want to mention is the link party list. I posted that list back in March (I think?) and I use it every week. It has a list of blogs that do link parties…a place to put a link to your blog. That’s a great way to meet more bloggers and also get people visiting your blog. I have gained a handful of faithful new viewers from being part of blog parties. Also I just updated that list so it now includes a link to a MASSIVE list of blogs that invite bloggers to link up! It’s great and you should check it out. If you don’t fully understand link parties, how to participate or what they’re good for just send me a comment or email or something and I will help you out!

Okay, I hope you have enjoyed this little mini tour down the right sidebar. Remember, let me know if you have an Etsy shop you’d like to add to my list and please share any link parties I might not know about!

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