ABC Memory Verses

ABC Memory Verses

I remember my Kindergarten year so well. I rabc-memory-verse-page-014emember so many details about the classroom and the little desk with scented markers for when we were really well behaved. I remember how the halls smelled like vanilla pudding all the time (I wonder if they still do? and how my teacher was not much taller than me at the time. I remember making a big giraffe with my class and I got to color in the spots. I remember making a hand print hanging and painting it gold. My mom still has that in her kitchen. Another thing I remember so specifically is memorizing the Bible verses in alphabetical order.Each week we focused on a different Bible verse but when she pointed to the big alphabet card on the wall from previous weeks we recited those, too.

What an awesome way to memorize Scripture! And doing it with the ABC theme helps to keep the little ones excited. I mean, 22 years later and I can still remember getting excited about memorizing the Bible that way.

This year we will begin the ABC theme for memorizing Scripture. My husband and I followed a list I found on the internet but changed quite a few of the verses.

We chose verses that we know our kids can understand.

There is no point in having the kids memorize it if they don’t understand it.

We chose verses that are applicable to our kids’ lives.

We want our children to memorize Scripture that they can apply to their lives right now. That they can use today.

And because I feel this is a such a great way to memorize Scripture with your kids I made a printout for you to use. It is a pdf with all 26 verses on it. I made them big enough that they will stand out when put on the wall.

Sorry…these aren’t bright and colorful. I prefer the black and white and then print them onto colored paper. Saves money. However, if you are interested in a bright and colorful version let me know and I will work it up for you!

So go ahead, grab your printable ABC Memory Verse Cards here.

Please share it around with anyone who might be able to use them. Teach your kids the Scripture and I can guarantee you will memorize some, too. Everyone wins!


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