20 Minute Pick Up: for your sanity’s sake *plus free printables

20 Minute Pick Up: for your sanity’s sake *plus free printables

Ok. 2nd week of the school year almost done. What20-minute-pick-up do things look like here? Messy. Although I am falling into routine much better this week than last week still the house has taken a hit. I know I need a system. I know I need a plan. Some changes need to be made so that homeschooling does not mean a messy, hectic house for the rest of our lives. 

Don’t get me wrong. I said last week that one of the things to expect when homeschooling with a toddler in the house  is a mess and I meant it. I know that is just my season of life for now and I won’t get frustrated about it. However, I know I can make some changes to make my house a little less messy for now.

That’s not too much to ask, is it?

A home that I can remain calm in when unexpected guests are at my door? A home that my husband can be relaxed in when he walks through the door at 5 o’clock? Those things aren’t too crazy to strive for, are they?

Those of you with toddlers are thinking, “Yes, yes that is too crazy of a thing to shoot for.”

Well, here I go anyway. And you can join me if you’d like. I am going back to the basics with a daily 20 minute pick up. You can choose when you do it: morning, noon, or night. There are only a couple rules for you.

Spend no longer than 5 minutes in each room. Yes, I know. That means not everything will get done. But something got done so focus on that for now.

Hit each room one time. I have only listed 4 rooms. If you want to add rooms and make this a longer pick up then that’s fine. But I know 20 minutes is the perfect amount of time for me. That’s what I am shooting for each day.

There. That’s not so scary, right? So who’s with me? Who would like to do the 20 Minute Pick up with me? Click here for the quick list. On the list you will see several things listed for each room. Don’t get scared. Just choose where to start and if you’ve reached 5 minutes before doing anything else on the list that’s okay.

While we are talking lists, do you use them? Last fall was so much fun making my big planner for the year (I can’t wait to start on next year’s!). Go here for my list of free To Do List printables!

>>20 Minute Morning Pick Up List<<20-minute-morning-pick-up-page-001

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  1. I like the idea of using a timer and giving myself permission to move on if it’s not completely done. sometimes with homeschooling, the mess gets so piled up that it can be overwhelming to even start. Gonna give this idea a try! Thanks!

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