Is His Heart Safe?

Is His Heart Safe?

Proverbs 31:11 says, “The heart of the-heart-of-her-husband-doth-safely-trust-in-her-so-that-he-shall-have-no-need-of-spoil-1her husband doth safely trust in her…”

Last year I shared my thoughts on the Proverbs 31 Woman and what I felt it meant to “do him good.”

I talked about things that I felt were really really important in being a good wife and a virtuous woman. But I am afraid I overlooked  a really important verse. 

“The heart of her husband doth safely trust in her, so that he shall have no need of spoil.” Proverbs 31:11

What if I can keep my home and raise my children in a satisfactory way but my husband’s heart does not safely trust in me? Will my home and children prosper?

My husband’s heart needs to be able trust me…in all things…and not have to worry about being spoiled, hurt, wasted, ruined.

What are some things that come to your mind first when I say your husband needs to be able to safely trust in you? Here’s what comes to my mind:

  1. I will follow through with the guidelines he has laid out to raise our kids. He goes to work each morning trusting I will love them, teach them, keep an eye on them, punish them when they need punished, etc. It is my job. And he trusts me to do it.
  2. I will keep up with the household chores. After working all day long the last thing he will want to do is have to clean off the couch so he has a place to sit down. I am not saying my house is always clean and tidy (because it isn’t!) but I do try to at least have the living room kitchen tidy-ish when he gets home. I KNOW it is hard to keep up with the housework but it is something that your husband trusts you will do in his absence.
  3. I will keep personal things personal. There are just some things you don’t need to talk to your friends about. Have discernment and know when to keep your mouth shut!
  4. I will not break the bank. Can he trust that you will stick to the budget? Or maybe he is the big spender, can he trust that you will make a budget for your family? Whatever the situation in your home, can he trust you with the family’s money?
  5. I will put the Lord first in my life. Chances are, your husband doesn’t see you do your quiet time each day. I know for me, Shane is usually at work by the time I am having my devotions. He should be able to trust that I am making that effort to put the Lord first in my life. He needs a godly wife and I need to be spending time with the Lord daily for that to happen. Does all of the above really matter if I am not doing it with out the Lord’s strength?

My husband’s heart trusting in me means he can leave the home each day knowing I will do what needs done, do it the right way, do it as unto the Lord, and that all this will cause him to have no need of spoil. No need to worry.


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