Digging Deep in the Word {Free Christmas Devotional}

Digging Deep in the Word {Free Christmas Devotional}

12833295_10153984012633970_1480735439_nIt’s been a while since I did anything in our Digging Deeper series. If you read my December Goals you might see it’s because I really haven’t been digging very deep myself. It has been so refreshing these past few days getting back into study.

Bible study is hard. It takes work. It takes time.

Do you know what’s even harder? Getting back into studying your Bible. It would be far easier to continue in it than it is to get back into it. You can all probably relate whether it be directly with Bible study or diet or exercise, etc. It’s easier to continue then to stop and go all the time.

I mentioned before I am doing Karen Ehman’s “Pressing Pause” devotional each day. It is great. Getting back into study I am slowly adding things. This week I added my old notebook. I am going back through my study notes from the past year and digging back into them.

This is a great form of study because I am reminded of what the Lord has already taught me (a big plus to writing down your notes from study!) and I can pick up where I left off before.

I picked up my notes from last year’s Christmas study.

And was really blessed. And encouraged. And motivated.

And I really want to share it with you.


Much of it I have shared here before. But I added to them, tweaked them, etc and made them into a simple little 5 day devotional to share with you. So, please, take the time to go through this Christmas Devotional. You can print it out if you’d like or write down your own notes in your notebook. It will take less than 10 minutes a day.

Share with me some of your thoughts on the devotions. I’d love to hear how the Lord might use it in your heart.

What are some ways you get back into Bible study after not pursuing faithfully? How do you get back into it with excitement? Share with us!

Maybe the Digging Deep Series can be a blessing to you. Check it out!

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