When the Keeper of the Home is Tired of Being at Home

When the Keeper of the Home is Tired of Being at Home

“To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home,Have you grown tired and weary of the day to day responsibilities of being a homemaker? good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed.” Titus 2:5

Throughout my teenage years and right into college I loved the idea of being a stay at home wife. Some may find it offensive or degrading that a woman should be home and taking care of the home but I love it. I have always found that calling to be such a high calling and a responsibility that I took so seriously. 

Then kids came along. Now I got to be a stay at home mom- a job I loved even more than being a stay at home wife.

I loved the midnight feedings and the early mornings. I loved washing and folding little laundry. I loved the little shadow that followed me EVERYWHERE. I loved the cozy cuddles as we read books and the messy kitchen from baking.

Then something happened.

One day I grew tired of the little feet I heard following me into the bathroom. I grew tired of hearing “Mom, can you…?”

I no longer saw the joy in doing laundry or cleaning up the spilled milk. I began demanding my quiet time and pouting when I didn’t get it. (Read the Dangers of Me Time)

I came to the conclusion that what I needed was space. Space from my kids. Space from my home. Space from my responsibilities.

So I took space. It wasn’t offered or available…so I just took it.

I got tired of being the keeper of my home.

What did I find? What did I learn?

It wasn’t just one day I got tired of it. There was something happening in my heart that brought me to the point of no longer wanting to fulfill the role the Lord put me in.

I saw it coming, I saw it happening- but I didn’t address it. I let it grow. What was growing in my heart?

  • Discontentment. I saw all those instagram photos (which are usually not realistic) and thought I should have that. I should have an hour to workout each morning. I should have the money to decorate my living room that way. I should have the weather to spend my mornings like that. I should have…I should have…I should have…I was no longer content with what I had or my situation in life. Instead of getting rid of that thinking I let it grow.
  • Selfishness. I should have…I should have…I should have…turns into I will have…I will have…I will have…Selfishness causes a person to stop thinking about how their actions will affect others around them and do what they need to do to get what they want. I got selfish. I stopped thinking about the people I love and only thought about what I needed to do to get what I wanted.

When sin is growing in your heart like that you can’t please the Lord. You just can’t.

My daily chores and responsibilities that I once saw as something I was doing for the Lord changed into things I shouldn’t have to do all the time. This is because of the discontentment and selfishness growing in my heart.

I’d rather be out doing this or that. That is easier. I could think of a million reasons why I needed to go out instead of taking care of the home.

But when I finally saw my sin for what it is it was like my eyes were opened. When I am content with the place the Lord has me in life I can find joy in everything I do. When I am putting my husband and kids before myself I can find joy in everything I do for them. When I am doing things for the Lord and for His glory I can find joy in everything I do.

I can love being a keeper of the home and all the responsibilities that come along with it when my heart is in the right place.

Now I want to hear from you. Was there a time in your life you grew tired of being the keeper of the home? What encouragement do you have for us wives and moms who struggle with being content with this time of life? What do you do to keep things fun and exciting? Share with us!

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15 thoughts on “When the Keeper of the Home is Tired of Being at Home

  1. I’ve been a stay at home, work at home, homeschooling mom for 19 years and yes there have been times (basically every year around February) that I’m tired of doing all the chores and all the schooling and being locked in the house. But the problem always is that when I feel like that I have lost the big picture of what I’m doing. Yea, no one likes spilled milk and cranky kids who push back and do a half-hearted attempt at their work, but what we do as homeschooling, stay at home moms isn’t for short term appreciation. we are in it for the long haul of building a solid foundation of faith that will give them stability for the rest of their lives and for them to pass onto their children. When we lift our eyes out of the now and see the big picture, then sticky floors and math tests and all the other are just small investments in a grander picture. Hang in there Sandy. What you do every day matters!!

  2. That’s such excellent advice and a wonderful encouragement! I know you are right. Sometimes I look at my son and think maybe I am raising a preacher or missionary. I know that the foundations I am laying now will effect him for the rest of his life and it’s great to have reminders like what you’ve given. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. This. is. so. good.
    As for wanting to give up being a homemaker…
    Like every week when I clean the bathroom. I feel like I hang a sign when I’m done that says “I’m too sparkly! Feel free to shave, spray toothpaste, leave your dirty towels, miss throwing your floss in the trashcan. Oh, and please overflow the hamper witj your dirty clothes.” Haha! But we keep trudging on.

    1. Haha! True story- today I spent over and hour mopping my kitchen floor and scrubbing down the kitchen table and chairs. Then fed the children chili. While I was giving Jenn a talking to about dropping her bread on the floor Pepper dumped her ENTIRE bowl of chili on my sparkling clean floor. I said, “What is the point!” It was frustrating at the time but looking back it’s funny. If it weren’t for the mess I’d be out of a job I guess!

  4. I have had times like that over the years. My kids are grown now. One is 22 and one 17. But now I miss those days for real. I am now after working outside of the home this past year at home again as a stay at home work from home wife and I love being a homemaker! It is my role even now. I find such peace again now in it. I am so happy I saw your post at the homemaking party and excited to make new friends! See ya soon.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! People keep saying they miss those busy days with young children. I try to remind myself of this as much as possible. Even in the past few days I have been really working hard to enjoy the kids more and make each moment count with them.

  5. This speaks right to my heart …especially the part about folding little laundry. That was my favorite!!! I loved everything about being a stay at home mom! And then I started to struggle, too, with comparison, insecurity, and fear. I wanted to quit. There have been many Christian women that have stepped in to mentor me through all of these season through the pages of their books and smiles that surround. I just had to remind myself, today, that I’ll get to my writing… the laundry and a clean house are important, too! It honors my Father to appreciate the tasks I GET to do. Bless you! Visiting from the Faith Filled Friday Linkup.

    1. I love how you mentioned finding Christian women who can be mentors. That can be a real help to a young woman. Thanks for stopping by!

  6. There are times when I feel ‘tapped out’ and need to recharge. Making wise choices as to HOW I do this makes a big difference in the results! When I find myself running and hiding in some activity or selfish pleasure, just for the sake of escaping, I do not get refreshed and restored. When I choose to spend time in a way that strengthens and restores, with intention to come back to my God-given role I’m more than ready to take on my duties as wife and mother!
    It’s a balancing act, isn’t it? May God bless you in your role as nurturer to your family 🙂
    Stopping by from Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop.

  7. I was just talking to my kids about how much harder it was for me when they were little – I had to pick up everything! And my son was so clingy that I had to wear a snuggly with him in order to get anything done! My oldest is in grade 10 right now – the hard part now is letting go…
    Thanks for sharing in Grace and Truth.

  8. Hang in there Sandy! Like I commented on your “Danger of me time” post, someday you will look back and wonder where the time went! I remember getting tired of the questions too! “Mommy, mommy,mommy…..” But now I would love to hear those little voices calling for my help. I still get those calls, but now their need is harder to help……”what is God’s will for me?” Wait until you get to that point……it is coming! Cherish each stage your children go through and stay close to the Lord! It is so good that you caught yourself being selfish and that you made the decision to stick with your God given role! I believe selfishness is one sin we count as either nothing or not a BIG sin so it is all right. Thanks for this great honest, from the heart post! May God bless you for it! ~Anna P’s mom

  9. I raised 7 kids and homeschooled for over 20 years. Yes, there were times when I just wanted to give up. I was tired and I think the tiredness often clouds our thinking and we start to become discontent. I still have to fight with discontentment, but I remind myself of all that I have in Christ. Sure, things aren’t always going to be the way I want them, but the key is in my attitude. I can work to change things, but my attitude should be that of accepting where I am and looking to God for strength and wisdom. Thanks for your post. I’m glad I am your neighbor at the #RaRaLInkup! Blessings to you!

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