February Goals

February Goals

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There is a huge pile of snow I have had my eye on for a couple of days. It is right over the porch railing, so every time we shovel the snow off of the porch this pile gets bigger and better. Every time I walk past this pile of snow I stop and look at it.

I have it all planned out. I know that if I were to climb up onto the railing (I am pretty confident in my skills of accomplishing this) the 2-3 foot drop would be an easy jump into this huge pile of snow.

I imagine it being so soft and fluffy when I land in it.

Shane keeps telling me it’s not soft and fluffy- it’s probably hard. So one day soon I am going to trek through the 3 foot high snow to get to that big snow pile and I am going to see if it is soft and fluffy or hard.

If it is soft and fluffy I will trek back through the deep snow and climb up onto that railing. I will jump in that huge pile of snow this month. That’s my goal for February.

Of course, I do have more plans for the rest of February. You know- adulting things. Here are some other things I would like to accomplish these next couple of weeks:



I am really trying to be undistracted. Spell check is telling me that’s not a word but I will just go with it. When I am with my kids I want to be with my kids. Enjoying them and listening to them. When I am in the Word I want to be in the Word. Hearing and understanding what I am reading. I want to slow things down and focus my heart on what I am doing.



Shane is taking a survey trip to a beautiful town called Dawson City, Yukon (google it- you must.) He will be leaving in a just a week and be gone for a week. My goal is to have things CLEAN when he returns. I want walls cleaned, closets decluttered (spell check is really hating my made up words today), and whatever else I can think of.

I am finally getting back on track with meal planning. I want to make a couple freezer meals this week.



I have been trying to be really mindful of how I take care of my body lately. I am tracking my eating with Myfitnesspal to make sure I am getting enough each day. I am like the queen of eating but somehow was not eating enough calories each day.

Also I am getting into a good exercise routine of 20 minutes a day and plan on continuing that. I am utilizing my popsicle stick workout and also my list of ways to sneak exercise into the day.


Alright, what are some goals you have set for this month? How are you doing with them so far? Maybe you are trying something new this week. Tell us how it went!

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