3 Ways to Grow in Harsh Conditions

3 Ways to Grow in Harsh Conditions

“Mom! Look what I found!” William came3 Ways to Grow in Harsh conditions. Feeling like you are unable to bloom where you have been planted? running to me with his hand in a tight fist and his smile from ear to ear.

He opened up his hand and two little seeds lay in his palm. He found them in a drawer. They must have been there for almost a year.

“Can we plant them?”

I looked out the window and saw the white snow that is completely covering the ground. This knee-deep snow won’t be going anywhere anytime soon, either.

But when he was looking up at me with those excited brown eyes I had to think of some sort of way we could plant these little seeds. So we grabbed a glass from the cupboard and a paper towel from the counter.

I crumbled up the paper towel, got it a little wet and put it in the glass. William stuck his two seeds down in one of the folds and we set it on the counter.

You wouldn’t believe that one week later that seed has sprouted! It isphoto (3) growing tall and strong! I don’t know how long it will be until they outgrow their little home but I am amazed how these seeds can go through so much and still grow strong!

They were forgotten. Stuck in a drawer with no intention of being used.

They were not planted in an ideal place. They were not meant to be in a small glass tucked under a wet paper towel. They were meant for a garden full of rich soil!

They don’t get sunlight. They are growing in the Arctic where we get very little sunlight.

Still they grew.

You, too, can bloom where you are planted. You may not have the ideal situations. You might feel forgotten. You might look around and see that you are not in an ideal situation- an ideal place. You might not get to be directly under great preaching all the time or maybe you don’t have any close Christian friends. Still, you can bloom where you are planted.

  1. Give Thanks. Thank God for where you are and what He has given you. Have a grateful heart. Purposely look for things that you can thank God for.
  2. Give Praise. Praise God for where you are and what He has given you. Remember where you were or where you could have been. Praise Him for His daily blessings. Tell God how amazing He is for what He has done in your life.
  3. Give Time. Use your time for the Lord. Give Him your first moments of the morning and spend time in the Bible. Be aware of others around you and how you might be a blessing to them. Don’t waste time considering how much easier things would be if you had been planted in the best possible conditions. Rather, use your time for the Lord’s glory.

You can grow in a harsh conditions. Good can come out of the trial you are facing. You can come out better and stronger. Having the right attitude and continuing to thank God, praise God, and use your time wisely can make such a huge difference!

Of course, this all stems from having a close walk with the Lord. If you are not in a close fellowship with Him you will find it very difficult to thank Him for a trial in your life and praise Him when you feel more like crying. Our Digging Deep series might be a help to you if you want to grow a closer relationship with the Lord.

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    1. We can’t remember what kind of seed it is! It must be some sort of bean but we have no idea lol. If I can find someone who has some soil I will plant it in a pot. Since the roots are growing around the paper towel it shouldn’t be too hard to transplant. I also think I will need to tie the stem to a long stick or something soon for support.

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