Digging Deep in the Word {Building Your Home}

Digging Deep in the Word {Building Your Home}

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The alarm goes off at 7 am. Instead of Digging Deep Graphichitting that ever so tempting snooze button you hop out of bed. Despite how cozy those slippers look you get dressed for the day, make your bed, and head to the kitchen.

While the coffee brews you open up your Bible or favorite devotional and spend some quiet moments with the Lord before your day really begins.

The curtains are tied back and your favorite hymn is playing. Maybe little children are beginning to wake or your husband is putting his boots on- ready for work.

You spend your morning so wisely and all the chores are done. Because of your beautiful meal plan you know what is for supper and have already begun preparing it. Supper dishes are cleaned immediately following supper and the last load of laundry has been put in the dryer.

You relax as you sit down in your favorite chair with a cup of tea. Another day done.

What builds a home? Is it rising early? Is it making time every morning for devotions? Maybe a clean kitchen or happy children? If your marriage is wonderful does that build the home?

I find myself so often thinking those things do build a home.

If I could just get up earlier.

If I could just keep up with the laundry.

If I could just always have pinteresty meals on the table.

If my children were well behaved. If my marriage was a fairy tale.

Sometimes I think I build my home. But you know what?

“Except the Lord build the house, they labour in vain that build it…” Psalm 127:1

Unless I allow the Lord to have control of myself and my home none of these things (how pleasant they may seem) will build my home.

Like the man who built his house on the sand my house will crumble. It will crumble.

Maybe not at first. It might look good for a while…good enough for instagram even. But when the first storm comes it’s strength will show. It will crumble.

Never in my own strength can I build my home strong enough to stand the storms that every home faces.

So how can I have a strong home? How can I allow the Lord to build my home?

Ask Him for help. Stop and think. Did you ask the Lord today for help? Did you ask Him to guide your steps and your hands as you work in your home? Did you ask him to guard your mouth as you speak to your kids, your husband, your friends? Did you ask him to help you as you make your lists and goals?

Use His Word to set the standard for your home. What music is playing? What is on the television? What words are spoken? What clothes are worn? How is your time spent? And what does the Bible say about all of that? Find out what the Bible says about how a home should be run, how a mother should be, how a wife should be.

Do it for His glory. Not for the perfect facebook picture. Not for the neighbor who may stop by. Not even for your husband who likes it a certain way. If we aren’t building our home for the purpose of glorifying and obeying God then it will crumble every single time.

Be right with the Lord. Can I just say quickly that if there is sin in your life you are doing everything in your own strength. You cannot rely on the Lord’s protection and strength and grace when you are knowingly in sin. Ask the Lord to search you and get right with Him if there are things that you know need changed.

Maybe you have been Digging Deep in the Word faithfully for quite some time but still see your home crumble when a storm comes. Maybe you are doing it in your own strength. Maybe you are not applying what you read to your life. Maybe you have lost sight of why you are reading your Bible, why you are raising children, why you are keeping the home.

What are some more ways to allow the Lord to build your home? In what ways do you struggle with allowing the Lord to be the builder of your home? Share with us!

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