March Goals

March Goals

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How are we already at this pointMy list of goals for the month of March. Share yours with me! in the month? Doesn’t it seem like just yesterday that we were setting our goals for the month of February?

How did you do this month? Did you get much crossed off of your list? This past months I finished quite a few of my goals!

Remember how I talked about that amazing snow pile? How it looked like so much fun to jump into? Well, guess what….I jumped into it. This may sound so simple and juvenile…okay, it is simple and juvenile. No shame. It was so much fun! And thanks to my YouTube vlogging hubby you can watch the whole thing! Click here to watch me jump off the porch and into the snow!

So that’s one thing crossed off the list.

That’s not all I wanted to accomplish last month. I talked about being less distracted and paying more attention to the kids. That was something I really put my mind to and am happy with the amount of family time we are getting now. Playing games together, talking, baking, cooking, etc. We are doing things together more and I love it.

For the home I talked about starting my spring cleaning while Shane was out of town. I was very happy with how much I got done on that list. Scrubbed walls and floors of all the bedrooms plus a lot of decluttering. My trash bin was so stuffed outside.

As for my health, I really got off track last month. After a week or so of really feeling the effects of lack of exercise and not watching what I eat I am back on track! I am on day 4 of 30 minutes of exercise a day and kicking some things out of my diet so I can feel healthy.

Okay- so what’s on the goal list for this month?

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I have been praying for a good attitude lately and I might as well lay that out here, too. I don’t need to go into detail but I can say that I am asking that the Lord help me with that this month. Have any good verses on that topic that I could memorize? Share them with me!


The home. Is there a notebook large enough for the list of things that need done in a home? Probably somewhere. Maybe.

This month my focus will be on getting a handful more of those things crossed off of my spring cleaning list.

Another thing I will work on is the spirit of the home. I want a warm, welcoming home. The cleanliness is definitely a factor but my spirit (or attitude!) will affect how others (my husband, children, guests, etc) feel in the home.


Like I mentioned above, I am getting back into a great workout routine. I actually really love this routine and look forward to it each day. I want to continue that along with a cleaner diet. I want to feel good and I know the foods I eat can make me feel good or feel sick.

Also I really need to be thinking more about how much water I drink. Do you drink the right amount of water everyday? I find it so hard to keep up with when it is -30 outside. I’d much rather a big cup of coffee!

Okay- so what are some of your goals for this month? Are you making some lists of your own? Share with us! I really believe this is a great way to stay accountable!

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3 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. I always think of Psalm 19:14 in regards to my attitude…the meditation of my heart, what’s coming from my heart. Plus I always try to remind myself that practicing gratitude is a great cure for the grumbles, you can’t do both.
    Yeah for drinking more water! It was a crazy week last week so I don’t think I got enough water, so back on schedule this week.

    1. Thanks for the verse. I will write it out this morning! That’s such a good point- being grateful does affect the heart!

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