5 More Words to Build Up Your Husband

5 More Words to Build Up Your Husband

5Words2I love summertime. When I think of summertime I think of my childhood as I figure most of us do. I think of the hours spent playing in the creek that runs along my parents’ property. I think of all the cartwheels we did in grass wet with dew. My eyes close and I can see the flickering of the sunshine going through the branches of the big maple trees as I swung on the tire swing.

To me summertime means playing outside until it’s dark then catching fire flies until our jars were full.

And of course, what would summer be without friends to play with? I like to think that I had the best group of friends growing up. We spent all our time together. We enjoyed every last minute of those summer days. We didn’t always get along, though.

I remember one day we were especially not getting along. I don’t remember what we were saying but whatever it was it caught the ear of one of my friends’ mom. She came out and had us repeat a verse:

“Let no corrupt communication proceed out of your mouth , but that which is good to the use of edifying, that it may minister grace unto the hearers.” Ephesians 4:29 KJV

She had us say it several times back to her and explained to us the importance of it. I remember her teaching us the impact of our words that day and I have never forgot that verse because of it.

The part that always stuck out to me the most was “to the use of edifying”. Not only are we not to let corrupt communication out of our mouth but the words that do come out should be edifying. And when our words are edifying (to instruct or benefit, especially morally or spiritually; uplift) they will naturally minister grace to the people who hear our words.

Who could use some uplifting and grace filled words more than our husbands? As a wife I can either tear him down or lift him up. I can discourage or encourage him. All in just a few words I can do this.

It’s so important to make sure the words we speak are edifying to our husbands! Last month I gave a short list of Words to Build Up My Husband and asked for you all to give me some more words to add to my list. I LOVED the feedback on that post and all the great suggestions you gave! So much so, I thought it worth while to take your comments from that post and put them together here in a list just in case some one missed them.



1. Go get ’em tiger! I love this little phrase that can speak volumes in my confidence in his abilities. I feel like “You’ve got this!” or “You can do it!” would fit into this same type category.

2. Thanks for listening. Yup. Yup. Yup. I talk. A lot. And sometimes the things I talk about aren’t all that interesting. But he listens and deserves some recognition for that. I am an awful listener ( I hate to admit it but it’s true). So taking time to thank him for listening can really go a long way!

3. I appreciate… We all want to feel appreciated and our husbands are no exception. This phrase goes very well right behind your thank you. “Thanks for getting the kids ready for bed. I really appreciate it.” I recognize it and I appreciate it. I know for myself when some one tells me they appreciate something I’ve done not only does it encourage me it also motivates me to continue doing it.

4. How was your day? I admit, usually when my husband walks through the door at 5 o’clock the first thing he hears is how the kids didn’t nap, Pepper spread soy butter all over the bed, the trash needs taken out and how tired I am. What a nice way to enter your home, right? Nope. Sit down and chat a while. Ask him how his day was and then LISTEN TO HIS ANSWER. (Remember I said I am a bad listener so that part needs to be in caps for me). Don’t interrupt- just listen.

5. Share Scripture. What better way to encourage your husband than with God’s Words? Send him a quick text with a verse from your devotions. Or send him a verse that has been on your heart or one that might help encourage him in a particular situation.

Remember, death and life are in the power of the tongue. What we say to others has a HUGE impact on their hearts and minds. God made us to be help meets for our husbands. Part of that is being an encouragement to him. Purposely build him up with your words rather than tear him down.

A big thank you to those who commented and shared ideas on the last post. As always, I invite you to comment below with some more ideas! I am sure we have not exhausted the list of ways to build up our husbands with words. So please, share with us!

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12 thoughts on “5 More Words to Build Up Your Husband

  1. These are great, Sandy. My husband and I celebrate 25 years of marriage in Oct. so that naturally has me thinking more about all-things-marriage. I, too, want to build up my husband with encouragement and support. Thanks for sharing! ((hug))

  2. Love this encouragement to speak words that bless our husbands, Sandy! My grandma used to work to get dinner all prepped, the table set, and everything set so we could wait. Wait for her and my grandpa to sit and talk and linger over a cup of coffee when he got home from work. Best example of “How was your day?” and living out prioritizing your husband.
    Sweet blessings!

  3. Love this!! It is wild because two of the posts I read today confirm some things my husband and I were praying about last night. We have to make some changes and all I can say is amen. I love your blog and it was good to see a new face and find another mom of 3 who homeschools. Hope to read more here! Have a blessed weekend and thanks for linking up!

    1. Isn’t it awesome how the Lord works like that? Can’t wait to check out your blog and get to know you! Us homeschooling moms should stick together 🙂 Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What wonderful words! These definitely are things that should be spoken, often. Thank you for the reminders.
    And thank you for sharing them with us at this week’s Encouraging Hearts & Home blog hop!

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