Summer Reading List + Free Bullet Journal Printable

Summer Reading List + Free Bullet Journal Printable

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I live in the North- aboutSummer reading list 3,000 miles from my family. We don’t get to visit very often, and same goes for them- they don’t get up here as often as they’d like. But when they are here they make the most of their time with us.

I remember when my sister came in 2012 my son was just 18 months old. She read to him at least twice a day. She wanted to be the one to put him to bed and when she did she was always in there for at least a half hour reading to him. When she left at the end of that visit she told me I better keep reading to him! And that has always stuck with me. 

I try to read to my kids as often as I can. This doesn’t happen every day like I should but most days we end up at one point circled around a good book. The kids love this time.

Summertime may be a break from schoolwork but it is not a break from reading in our house! Here is a short list of books great for summertime!

The Complete Tales of Winnie the Pooh

Who tells the tales of summertime better than A.A. Milne? While this book does have stories from all seasons, the summertime ones are my favourite. Creeks, forts, hikes, thunderstorms, etc. This book brings out the kid in me and I know I enjoy it more than my kids do. Most of my favourite quotes come from this book. My first grader can read most of this book on his own but it’s one we like to read out loud together, too.

Charlotte’s Web

“The early summer days on a farm are the happiest and fairest days of the year. Lilacs bloom and make the air sweet, and then fade. Apple blossoms come with lilacs, and the bees visit around among the apple trees. The days grow warm and soft. “

Charlotte’s Web builds a different beautiful picture of summertime with each new chapter. I read this out loud to the kids and even the 2 year old sits and listens to each word. This is a must read if you like to read out loud to your kids.

Hey! Wake Up!

This is a short board book that always makes me think of summertime. Getting dressed, breakfast, and straight outside to play! As a kid summer always meant playing outside all day long and this book reminds me of that. This book has been one of my kids’ favourites for as long as I can remember.

Adventures of Tom Sawyer (abridged edition)

This is not one I have started reading with my kids yet (my oldest is 6) but I remember reading it as a kid and loving it. Because it has been so long since I read it I can’t give too much of a description. But I think most of us are familiar with Tom and his ongoing attempts to get out of work and escape responsibility. This is a great one to read out loud with the kids. I suggested the abridged edition here because that’s what I read as a kid and I think if you’re reading to kids it would be a good edition of this book to read.

The Little House (9 Volumes Set)

While this book doesn’t necessarily highlight summertime life I think it would still be a great summertime read. I think this would be great for summertime because it has so many books in the series. You could dedicate one summer to this whole series. You could even take some things from the books to do with the kids- like games and recipes. Then at the end of the summer, when leaves begin to fall and it’s cold outside get the TV series and enjoy that with the kids!

What are some of your favourite summertime books? Whether they are books you read alone or like to read with the kids, share with us!

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15 thoughts on “Summer Reading List + Free Bullet Journal Printable

  1. Love this reading list! We’ve read 2 of the Little House on the Prairie books so far and Charlotte’s Web is on our list to tackle soon! We’re currently reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Thanks for sharing the printable!!

    1. Oh I remember reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory as a kid, too. Thanks for that suggestion! My kids would love that. Thanks for stopping by. I hope you fill that printable up with books you’ve read!

  2. Oh thanks for the suggestions. I read your movie suggestions from April post and watched Me before You. So good!!!! and sad at the same time.
    Visiting from Purposeful Faith!

  3. How sweet. Some of those we’ve read, but some are new to me. A series my boys really loved was The Box Car Children. Oh for the days — would love to go back for a day and read to my little boys again. You won’t regret a minute of it. 🙂 Thanks for sharing, Sandy!

    1. I remember my sisters used to read the Box Car Children. I had completely forgotten about them, though. Thanks for the reminder and thanks for stopping by!

  4. I loved reading the Little House books to my daughters. I’m reading Charlotte’s Web with my grandson now. Thanks for the list…and the bullet journal page.

  5. Such great books! Charlotte’s Webb and Winnie the Pooh are definite favourites! My kids are grown now, but I treasure the memories of reading to them and with them. That’s what prompted me to begin my own writing journey. I’m actually reading Anne of Green Gables right now— my excuse is it’s Canada’s 150th birthday tomorrow so I’m feeling patriotic. Truth is, reading kid lit is the best! 🙂 Stopping by from #SittingAmongFriends

    1. I LOVE Anne of Green Gables! And yeah childrens books are my favourite, too. Probably cause I am still a kid at heart 🙂 Happy Canada Day!

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