Life in the Arctic

Life in the Arctic

I have mentionedLife Arctic on and off throughout the past months about where I live. But I realized that we have so many new readers and maybe when I say that I live in the north that doesn’t really tell you much!

So today I will take a few minutes just to tell you about Inuvik!

Inuvik is in the Northwest Territories of Canada. We are above the Arctic circle and have a population of about 3,500 people.

In the winter we have about 30 days of darkness. The temperatures can get as low as -40 Celsius (sometimes lower!) and most nights I can sit on my porch and watch the Northern Lights dance across the sky. We have snow on the ground for 9 months out of the year (and usually see snow flakes falling at least once during the other months!) The winters are beautiful!

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In the summer we have about 50 days of 24 hour daylight. Some nights we will be working away and never even notice how late it’s getting. The sun will be high in the sky at 2 am. I love it. Some people have a hard time sleeping with the daylight but not me. I even pull open the curtains so I can enjoy it as I fall asleep. As much as I love the 24 hour daylight, I do start craving darkness by August.

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My husband is Inuvialuit, one of the people groups here. The other people group are the Gwich’in. Both of these people groups have many beautiful traditions. They sew beautiful parkas and beaded slippers. I have learned how to make a lot of the traditional clothing and love making them for my family.


Have you heard of the Ice Road Truckers? A lot of that happens right here in Inuvik as we live along the ice road. The ice road connects Inuvik to Aklavik from December-April every year. It’s not dangerous like the show makes it look, though ๐Ÿ™‚


My husband has a YouTube channel where he documents some things about life in the Arctic. Here are some videos I think you might find interesting!

Land of the Midnight Sun ย – Walking around at 2 Am

Aboriginal Day in Inuvikย – See some fun traditional games and drum dancing

Snow Jumpย – Me jumping into the deep snow

Return of the Sun Festivalย – Every January when the sun returns we have a big celebration

Blizzard in Inuvik– This one I love because it was so much fun to do! We went out during the blizzard and only lasted about 2 minutes! It was so cold!

Sledding in Inuvikย – Taking the kids out sledding on New Years Day.


Hope you learned a bit about where I live! It’s such a beautiful place to live! Have any questions about the Arctic? Ask in the comments!

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9 thoughts on “Life in the Arctic

  1. It was fun to read about where you live. It gets extremely cold here in North Dakota too! Blessed to be your neighbor at Coffee for your Heart today.

    1. I bet! And up here it is mostly a dry cold which probably doesn’t feel as cold as your North Dakota winters! Thanks for stopping by!

  2. You mentioned Ice Road Truckers and I had to laugh. Those so called reality shows are so overdramatized that I often wonder if they are scripted by a teenage girl or maybe a little boy telling a fishing story ๐Ÿ˜‰ I think everyone can find something beautiful about their home towns if they really search for and appreciate it. I love living so close to Glacier National Park. Gorgeous. Hopefully you get to vacation on some sun and sand once every few years!

    1. Haha yes those reality shows don’t have much reality in them! We usually head for Pennsylvania rather than the beach when we want go for vacation ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. thanks for sharing a bit about life there. I have a school friend and a couple that went to school with oldest daughter that live there. My friend is big nurse at large hospital and the couple are scientist. Thanks for sharing again as when we think of arctic I think about it always freezing and being very cold
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