My New Computer + FREE Password Log Bullet Journal Page

My New Computer + FREE Password Log Bullet Journal Page

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It’s snowing today. I love the snow. + free password log bullet journal printableI love watching it fall and I love how the white glow makes our home feel. It’s so cozy. Perfect for a hot cup of coffee (or hot chocolate) and a soft blanket.

On this particular snow day I am especially thankful to finally have my new computer! If you remember a couple weeks ago I mentioned how my old computer was slowly dying and pretty much unusable. Sad day.


Then a couple weeks later21731492_1790741047622870_3401247411198268029_o I found out that I won a local photo contest! –>>

That was very exciting especially since the first place cash prize was enough money for me to buy a new computer! (Check out what camera I use here). I waited (not so) patiently for the prize money to come in the mail and earlier this week I was able to go buy my computer.

I tried to do some research before buying. I am really really horrible at computer terms and such so I really had to read a lot to try to understand the basics of what kind of computer I wanted. I was very careful to only look at ones within my budget. There are so many awesome computers out there but really I could only afford one that was less than $600.

I found one that seemed to meet all the requirements (according to my new, limited knowledge on computers). Bonus, it was on sale! I was able to get it for under my budget!

I got this 2016 ASUS Vivobook . Like I said, it fit my requirements and I am really happy with it! I am really enjoying finally being able to spend more time working on the blog here and also editing photos over on Picmonkey!

One thing, though.

Somehow my new computer didn’t know any of my passwords. Duh. I should have thought of this. It was so annoying spending like 10 minutes on every website guessing my password, eventually giving up and clicking the “forgot password” button. For more than half the websites I use frequently I couldn’t remember the password because I’d clicked “save password” so long ago on the old computer. Been there? Done that? Then you know exactly how I felt.

I am not doing that again. No way. So this morning, while enjoying the gentle falling snow, I put together this simple bullet journal page to write down all my passwords.


It is so helpful and I will never forget these passwords again! I always make these very simple and plain because I feel like it’s better to save the printer ink. Plus, everyone can customize the colors to how they like it!

So feel free to download the printable here –>>Passwords.

I try to make these bullet journal pages as often as I can. I always add them to my bullet journal library which you can access by signing up for my monthly newsletter below.

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