2017 {DIY} Holiday Gift Guide

2017 {DIY} Holiday Gift Guide

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Don’t hate me, but I have already(after use, please put it backin its proper place) begun listening to Christmas music. It just feels so Christmassy lately. Snow is here to stay. Our grocery store put out bins of red and green Hershey’s Kisses. I am seeing a ton of red plaid on Pinterest and I have begun sewing Christmas decorations. It just feels so Christmassy.

When Christmas time comes I spend way more time on Pinterest than actual shopping websites. I already mentioned before how I love homemade gifts. So I made a holiday shopping guide that is (hopefully) unlike most of what you are seeing floating around the blogging world lately. 

This holiday shopping guide will not lead you to any finished products. Just to some resources to be able to make your own homemade gifts at an affordable cost. So grab a notebook and pen or crayon or whatever is nearest you. I think you might want to keep some of these ideas!

Personalized Apron or Pillow Case
Supply list: blank apron or pillow case, fabric markers
When I was about 7 years old my aunt personalized pillow cases for me and all my siblings. We all loved them and I still have mine and my kids use it now. It’s special because she wrote my name in big letters then ‘From Aunt Vicki Christmas 1996’ in small letters. She drew some neat decorations all around it, too. I bet this project would not take long at all but it still has so much love behind it!

Scrabble Letter Pictures Supply list: (varies on project) bulk scrabble letters, hot glue gun and glue, picture frame, card stock, ribbon I am sure you’ve seen these all over the place. Still, they are a really cute gift. I really like these glued inside a picture frame to write out something special. You can personalize these so easily to each person receiving them. Super cute.

Mason Jar Gifts Supply list: (varies on project) mason jars, hot glue gun and glue, glitter, paint, etc The possibilities really are endless. Since I just recently made a list of ways to gift mason jars I will just lead you to that list. You can find it here. And let’s be honest, Pinterest has a million mason jar ideas. There’s something for everyone.

Photo Transfer Gifts Supply list: (varies on project) photo, modge podge, wood block, coasters, candle holder, etc I really love these. I especially think these would be great for grandparents. I know the idea of photo transfer has been around for a quite a bit but still I like to see them. They are not complicated and make for a great, treasured gift.

Popsicle Stick Crafts Supply list: (varies on project) Don’t just think kindergarten when you see popsicle stick crafts listed here. There are some really neat ideas out there for using popsicle sticks. I especially like making bird feeders with them. We’ve made them on several occasions and I feel like they’d make great gifts.

Felt Ornaments Supply list: felt, embroidery thread, ribbon I am actually in the middle of making some of these right now. They are sooooo cute. I am making mostly just Christmas themed ones but you could do anything. And all you need are very basic sewing skills to put these together. You could even use a hot glue gun instead if you really don’t want to sew. This is like number one on my ‘you should make this’ list…ya know, if there were such a list.

Bath Bombs Supply list: (varies on recipe) baking soda, corn starch, Epsom salt, citric acid, coconut oil, water, essential oil, food coloring, mold to make them in No surprise this has made it to my DIY list. To be honest I am yet to make these myself. I wish I could recommend a specific recipe and tell you it is full proof. But I can’t. All I know is we love bath bombs and I would gladly receive homemade bath bombs for Christmas! If any of you have a recipe you’ve tried PLEASE share in the comments below! I love links so feel free to link it up!

Personalized Mugs Supply List: blank mug, Sharpie paint marker Just like the blank aprons and pillow cases this gift is a win all around. You can personalize it to each person’s personality and even fill it with some favourite Christmas candies or homemade treat.

Woodburning Supply list: Wood burning pen, wood slices/wooden spoons Don’t get scared by the thought of wood burning. You don’t need any experience or even much talent at drawing to make a beautiful gift! I really love wood burning. It is so relaxing and satisfying.

String Art Supply list: wood, nails, embroidery thread I am seeing this more and more and love it. I remember making them as a kid in art class. Again, a gift that can be personalized easily. You can make one for each aunt and they could all look completely different. Love it.

Ok, so there’s my (first ever) holiday gift guide! Feel free to comment below with any homemade projects you are working on or plan on working on. You can link to your blog posts with projects or just tell us what you are making. I’d love to see some photos if you’ve got them!

I’d especially like to know if you’ve made any of these projects I have listed. What were your experiences with them? Or maybe you’ve received them as gifts? Any input about these projects would be great!

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  1. Great list of ideas! I haven’t quite gotten into the Christmas spirit yet as it has been in the 80’s at my house the past week! I think it is going to get cooler this weekend so hopefully that will help!

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