Free Printable Calendars for 2018

Free Printable Calendars for 2018

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It’s that time of year again!Untitled I have begun planning out my planner for next year. This is my third (I think?) year in a row planning my planner to meet my needs specifically. I prefer doing it this way because there are so many awesome FREE printables on Pinterest. Bloggers put some serious time into these things and then offer them for free. It’s awesome of them and I am going to take them up on it!

So by just printing them off and putting them in the same binder I have been using for several years now I am saving quite a bit of money.

Not only that, I like going through the different printables and finding ones that meet my needs exactly. It’s nice to mix and match. It’s nice to pull this idea and page from one blog and another idea and page from another blog. It’s really customized to exactly what I want in a planner.

And what do I want in a planner?

Creative space for sure. I like lots of room for notes and doodles.

Multiple styles of a calendar. The calendar that I will use for my blog work and the calendar I will use for meal planning will be used differently and should be different. I prefer the perpetual style calendar for meal planning and a traditional calendar for blogging. I plan on continuing to use my own meal plan printable for a while still.

Space for chore charts and schedules. This is not something I did last year but I want to this year. With homeschooling being the dominant part of my day I find it harder to remember everything that needs done in the house. I really want to have a well thought out plan this year for cleaning and my planner will include that.

So anyway, I found a handful of free printables that are amazing! Like, seriously, I love them all and don’t know how to choose which ones to use. I hope you love them as much as I do!

  1. Black and White or Colorful calendars from Scrappy Sticky Inky Mess. These don’t leave much room for notes but they are so beautiful! I show here the colorful version but the black and white is just as nice.  (photo used by permission)scrappystickymess
  2. Mandala Coloring Page Calendar from SlapDashMom. I have to admit, it took me a long time to see the fun in the adult coloring stuff. I still have never bought any of the coloring books but I can see it now. When I saw this calendar I was really drawn to it (ha, see what I did there?). These are really pretty and allow you to make them fit your personality and style. (photo used by permission).Free-Printable-2018-Calendar-Mandala-Coloring1-700x906
  3. Coloring Page Calendar from Botanical Paperworks. I guess I really am getting on board with these adult coloring pages because here’s another coloring page calendar. I like that you can customize each month to the colors you want, etc. I couldn’t get a photo of this one so if you’re interested go on over there and check it out. I am pretty certain you will agree with me.
  4. Star Wars Calendar from Cottage Market. Again, I couldn’t get a photo to show you guys. But it is so cute! Obviously, if you don’t like Star Wars don’t bother. But if you do like Star Wars or know someone who likes Star Wars go look at it! I am in love.
  5. Princess Calendar from Cottage Market. Speaking of Cottage Market, she makes about a gazillion AMAZING calendars. I accidentally chose two from her site so when I started digging around (didn’t have to dig long) I started seeing so many cool calendars! Stranger Things, Lord of the Rings, Beauty and the Beast, Dinosaurs, Unicorns, etc. Literally something for everyone. And every single one looks as good as the one before it. You have to go over there and check it out. The link for her gallery is right here.

Let me know what you think of these calendars. What are your planner plans this year? Will you buy one, make one, print one? Share in the comments below what you plan on doing. And as always, links are welcome!


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  1. Hi Sandy!
    Thanks so much for this wonderful gift idea! I was wondering if you have a cover page and made with love page for people who choose to still do a calendar. Thanks

    1. I could put something like that together for you! My design wouldn’t match the designs above as they are not my own. But I can make those specific pages!

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