How To Install Fonts Into Your Font Library

How To Install Fonts Into Your Font Library

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The more I make bullet journal pages how to take betterfamily vacationpicturesthe more I appreciate all those free fonts out there. I have been saving them for a while now on Pinterest but more just as a guide for my sketches, not to use on my computer.

Then last year I as I began making my own printables I would download some new fonts, open up Microsoft Word and be seriously disappointed when it wasn’t on the list of fonts. I was so confused. Why would people make free downloadable fonts if I couldn’t use them once they were on my computer?

So after lots of time (I don’t claim to be very smart when it comes to anything with the computer) I finally figured it out. I figured out how to install the fonts into my font library on my computer. And now I am happily using the pretty fonts I have been saving all this time.

So, on with it! Here’s a SUPER SIMPLE step by step to installing fonts into your font library. Forgive me if it’s over simplified but that’s literally what I needed to overcome what seemed to be the biggest task for me.

Find a free font online. You can check out my pinterest board for some ideas if you’d like! I also get a lot of free fonts from

Click download and we are all set to move on to the harder (for me) part!

Find your font in your downloads file on your computer. Open it up and find where it says “extract all”. first


Click that and choose the location you want your extracted file to be saved to (browse) then click “extract”.



Okay, now you want to open up your control panel and look for “Appearance and Personalization”. Click that.



Click “preview, delete, or show and hide fonts”. 4


Now, you need the file open where you saved the font to. You also need the file open that you just opened (preview, delete, or show and hide fonts). Click the font (the file that has the letter A on it), drag and drop it into the font library. 5


They are put in alphabetically so scroll around find the font you just put in the library to make sure it dropped in properly. 6


Now pull up Microsoft Word and type in the name of your new font into the fonts bar.



And make pretty things with your new font 🙂



What I do often, too, is use my fonts in Picmonkey. If you have a premium membership (which I highly recommend if you make blog graphics, Pinterest pins, etc…start with a Picmonkey free trial and see if it’s for you!) you can pull up your own fonts easily in their font section.


PicMonkey Photo editing made of win


Okay, I hope this tutorial is helpful to someone! Please let me know if it is! I am happy to share tutorials and how to’s for anything I can so let me know if you have a request in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you, thank you! I quit downloading them because I never seemed to have the time to figure it out. I love the simple steps you’ve provided and can’t wait to try it out. Blessings! Pinning for future reference.

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