The ONE Thing That Helped My Pregnancy Heartburn

The ONE Thing That Helped My Pregnancy Heartburn

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This is my fourth pregnancy. the one thing that finally helped my pregnancy heartburnEach pregnancy has been so very different for me in many ways. But the one thing that stays the same every pregnancy is my worst symptom: heartburn.

I know this is a very typical symptom, although I am sure some have escaped it. In each pregnancy different foods have made it worse. I remember I couldn’t eat popcorn (my favourite snack!) at all with my 2nd pregnancy. The heartburn was just not worth it.

With my third pregnancy I remember popcorn being torture as well chocolate. Anything chocolate brought on such horrible heartburn!

This pregnancy water gives me THE WORST heartburn. This is pretty distressing because we need a lot of water to begin with and even more when we are pregnant. Then add the fact that I am working out 3x a week and I really need drink a lot of water.

In the past Tums worked great for me. But this pregnancy Tums make me more sick than the heartburn!

Some days I am ok with it. But most days as soon as I do more than sip water I am in so much pain. I end up drinking milk instead which just doesn’t do the job water does. Lately I have been getting between 16-32 oz a day. I need more like 80 oz a day…

Something needs to change.

My husband suggested I try something he had read about. He gets heartburn pretty regularly, too, and read that bubbly water helps.

I was skeptical and also a little grossed out by the idea. I do not like seltzer water. At all. I don’t like that flavoured seltzer water either. It’s just so meh to me.

But he has a soda stream that he uses pretty regularly for his pop addiction. He suggested just filling up his soda stream bottle with water and adding the fizz to the water.

I didn’t agree to it right away. It took me a couple nights of pain for me to finally give in and ask him to make me some fizzy water with his SodaStream.


The results? I was shocked! Instantly my heart burn went away! Instantly!

The plus side? It’s just water. I can finally drink water! I can finally hydrate myself the way I need to without the heartburn!

No calories, no extra bloating from all the milk, etc. It’s just water.

There is a little bit of a taste. I suppose it’s similar to seltzer water but it doesn’t taste just like seltzer water either. The first bottle of it I didn’t hate but I didn’t love it either. Basically it was worth the little weird taste to be able to drink water and get rid of my heartburn at the same time.

But now 3 days into drinking it and I love it. I don’t dislike the taste at all. I love the fizziness, too.

Fizziness…I don’t think that’s a real word.

But, for real, if you struggle with heartburn (pregnant or not) I HIGHLY suggest getting a SodaStream and making yourself bottle after bottle of fizzy water!

Do you suffer from heartburn? What is your go to remedy?

Have you heard of the SodaStream  before? Do you already use it?

Share with us in the comments below!

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  1. Wow! That’s crazy that just fizziness helped your heartburn! Thankfully I didn’t have heartburn with this pregnancy, but I’ll keep this in mind for future reference.

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