5 Ways I Save Money on Baby Necessities

5 Ways I Save Money on Baby Necessities

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Do you have kids?5 Ways I Save Money on Baby Necessities Have you ever sat down and figured out about how much money you spend on each kid every year? I never have. Maybe if I did I wouldn’t have 4! I am joking, they’re worth every penny. But seriously, they are expensive.

Some one has estimated that in Canada you could spend about $10,000 just in baby’s first year. My first reaction to that number is no way. There’s no way I have ever spent that much on one child in one year. However, I can see where some families could easily spend that much. 

But do we have $10,000 to spend on one child in one year? Nope. Not even close.

Have my kids always had everything they needed? Yes. Every single one of them.

As parents we really need to be frugal and learn first of all what are really needs and secondly how to get those needs at a fraction of the price.

Here are 5 ways I save money on baby’s necessities:

  1. Buy second hand. I know a lot of people don’t like second hand baby things but it’s what I’ve always done and I have never had any issues. Of course, be smart where your second hand stuff is coming from, give it a good cleaning, make sure there are no expiration dates, etc. Be smart about it. But you will save a significant amount of money buying things second hand. Some things I have bought second hand are: crib, high chair, bouncer chairs, jolly jumpers, swings, winter suits, clothes, sheets, toys.
  2. Find the sales. Rock was my first baby that I had a WalMart within driving distance for. So my whole pregnancy every time I saw baby clothes on sale I would grab a few. I didn’t pay full price for anything he has.
  3. Checkout 51. I used Checkout 51 to save a few dollars on every box of diapers, wipes, and baby soap. When you buy a couple boxes of diapers every month getting $2 back every time will make a big difference. (If you haven’t signed up for Checkout 51 yet do it now! Free money people!)
  4. Borrow from friends. I am sure I am not the only one with amazing friends. Reach out and ask to borrow things like exersaucers, jolly jumpers, etc. Anything that baby won’t really use that long I just asked to borrow this time around. My friends have all been more than willing to share with Little Rock.
  5.  Use Ebates. I cannot believe how long it took me to sign up for Ebates! Living in the North I do a lot of online shopping. By just going to ebates.com first, finding the store I want to buy from and then clicking the link to the store from there I am earning cash back. Again, free money people! I really wish I would have signed up for this sooner! If you sign up from following my links here you get $10 when you spend $25 or more. *cough*free money*cough*

Ok, there are some ways I save money on baby necessities. Do you have any other ways you save? Share them with us!

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