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Digging Deeper in the Word {Where to Start}

Digging Deeper in the Word {Where to Start}

12833295_10153984012633970_1480735439_nI have been loving this series! It is something that not only have I enjoyed writing about but my heart really needed. We need encouragement in areas like personal devotions. We need to know we aren’t the only ones who struggle. And it really helps to know how other women overcome struggles like making devotions a habit or even getting something from your devotions every day.

Have you been encouraged by this series? Maybe you have been and want to make daily devotions a part of your life but don’t know where to start. Good news! You don’t need much to start!

What you will need:

  1. Bible
  2. Pen/pencil
  3. Notebook (optional)

I noticed in the past months how instagram made me really feel like I NEEDED that special notebook or that specific wide margin Bible or whatever else to have a deep, personal walk with the Lord. But all you need is a Bible and a pen or pencil. You should see the teeny tiny margins in my Bible and somehow I still manage to get notes scribbled all over them. My notebook is a cheapie from Walmart and that is also full of notes.

What you do:

Although a devotional can be so helpful don’t worry about it if you don’t have one. Don’t feel like you need that to get started. Just open your Bible and start reading. Where should you start reading? That’s up to you!

I know every time in my life when I got off track with my devotions and I needed to just start somewhere I would start in Proverbs. I really love reading a Proverb a day. Today is April 6 so read Proverbs 6. You will learn so much in Proverbs and eventually you will be ready to move on to another book.

Write down what you learn! I like to take notes because it helps me remember what I learned. I refer back to my notes VERY often and highly suggest you do take notes. Again…nothing fancy. Just write down what the Lord has taught you.

Don’t be afraid to just open your Bible and start reading. Don’t feel like you need to have the best notebook, pens, etc to walk closely to the Lord. Maybe this is a struggle you have overcome. Where did you start? What tips can you offer someone who is wanting to start having personal devotions?

Grace Happening started this series off with a great post with even more tips to someone who is just starting out with devotions. Go here for the rest of the posts in this series and visit Grace Happening and Young Housewife for even more posts in this series.

Digging Deeper in the Word {Key Words}

Digging Deeper in the Word {Key Words}

Something I have struggled with over and over again is figuring out what to study in my Bible. There have been times where I went weeks with just reading randomly until I found a good study. And while any time in the Bible is beneficial an actual study will help you grow better than when you read randomly. So how do you find a good study?

Something I started doing in the past year or so is writing down key words or phrases I hear during preaching. Remember a couple weeks ago I said that paying attention in church can help you stay excited about devotions? This is what I was talking about!

In the front of my Bible I have written down several of these key words and phrases I am talking about:  “in faith” “fear not” “preserve thee”. Right now I am studying “fear not.” I went onto power Bible (if you don’t have that just use google) and searched the phrasefear not “fear not.” I wrote down all the references where that phrase can be found in the Bible. Each day I go to a different one and write down notes about that passage. I am amazed by all the applications found from that little phrase! It has been a great study and I am only half way through. A post even came from that study (When Fear Hinders Your Faith.)

What key words do you think you’d be interested in studying? Maybe you have done a study like this before. What key words or phrases did you enjoy doing?

The whole point in this series, “Digging Deep in the Word”, is to help women like us who struggle with personal devotions. We want to share our struggles and what we have found to be helpful. So, if you haven’t already read them go back to the beginning and read through our series (just click here). Follow along with Grace Happening, Young Housewife, and myself as we post on Wednesdays about Digging Deeper in the Word.

Digging Deep in the Word

Digging Deep in the Word


When I was 14 years old my camp counselor encouraged me to try to read the Bible every day for a year. I really admired this woman and wanted to be like her. So, I decided I would do what she said and come back the next year to camp to show her I read my Bible every day just like her.

Although my motives weren’t exactly on track I know for sure that is when I really learned what it was like to be close to Jesus. I grew spiritually that year, developed personal standards and even a burden for the mission field.

Since that time I have had spiritual highs and lows like any other Christian. I have not always been faithful to my Lord in having daily devotions. I have not always been eager to open my Bible and honestly there have been times I struggled to find the time to pray let alone read psalm6my Bible. But none of that changes the fact that we need to be in our Bibles daily. Without a doubt, the times I have been closest to Christ have been the times I was having devotions every day.

I know it can be hard to find time to have devotions. I know it can be hard to find a Bible study that keeps your interest sometimes. I have been there. That’s why I am so excited to team up with Anna from Grace Happening and Young Housewife from Psalm1830 to bring some of our favorite ways to Dig Deep in the Word. Stay here for my current Bible study then click along to Grace Happening and Psalm1830 to find what they have been doing. Leave comments along the way to tell us what you think and what your favorite Bible study has been. My prayer is that we encourage other women to get into the Word and grow close to the Lord.

Prayers in Psalmspsalm

Starting in Psalm 1, as I read I will write down things that I see I need to work on in my own life, or ways I should be praying. I will write down how a Christian should live if I come across verses speaking of that. Basically, anything I could work on in my own life if a verse speaks of it I write it down along with it’s reference.

For example, I see in Psalm 1 that I need to delight in God’s Word, meditate on His Word day and night, and not be easily moved. So I wrote those things down. Some days I do a whole Psalm, some days I do a couple verses. Some days I do 3-4 Psalms. This is the no excuses Bible study because whether you have 10 minutes or 60 you have time.

Then this is where it gets really exciting. The next day before I begin the next Psalm I will first go through the Psalm I did the day before and pray over them. psalm2So, if yesterday I did Psalm 1 then today I am praying that the Lord help me delight in His Word, that He help me to think on His Word all day, and that I stand firm in the convictions He’s given me.

I really love reading my Bible and praying this way. I believe the Bible is a great guideline for our prayers and it helps me to stay on track and not day dream as I pray. Also, it gets me out of the rut of the repetitious prayers we sometimes get stuck in. It challenges me.

It’s important to find a Bible study that keeps you excited. What do you do? What struggles do you find when it comes to your own personal devotions? Ready for more ideas to get you digging deeper? Go ahead and visit Grace Happening and Psalm1830 now.