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Meal Plan Monday + Free Meal Plan Bullet Journal Page

Meal Plan Monday + Free Meal Plan Bullet Journal Page

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We have now been in Whitehorse for a full month. If you didn’t catch when we moved, you can find some details here. Since we have been here we have really enjoyed experiencing so many new things. Simple things like McDonalds, Walmart, and Tim Hortons have been real treats for us.

In all of the fun and excitement I am noticing a little (big) habit forming that we have never had before. Where eating out used to be a once every couple months thing in Inuvik it is turning into -at least- once a week now. 

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Valentine’s Day Printables

Valentine’s Day Printables

This post contains an affiliate link. I only give my honest opinion.

PicMonkey Image

Good morning! I have been fighting a cold for what seems like weeks now. This morning I purposely slept in and have been taking it very slowly. I want to get rid of this thing!

What better way to spend a slow morning than hanging a few Valentine’s Day decorations? I want to share a few with you a few 8×10 printables I have been working on. Feel free to download and print them out!


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Printables Collection {To Do Lists}

Printables Collection {To Do Lists}

I really love lists. I make lists of everything. I am pretty sure I have told you all that before. It just feels awesome to be crossing things off my list each day! Maybe you remember my post a couple months ago about Making a Great To Do List. I still follow my guidelines listed there.

I have been making my own To Do Lists over the holidays. For some reason when I make them to match my mood it helps me be more excited to work on my list. I am sure I am no different than the rest of you: we all have a million things that need to get done. We probably can’t make a to do list big enough for everything. But breaking down our lists can really help keep it organized and less intimidating.

I am really loving this new list I made for morning and evening chores. You can download it here >>>MorningEvening.



Here’s a list for if you are like me and have more things on your want to do list than your need to do list. I say for each need to do crossed off I should get to do one of my want to do’s! You can download the Bumblebee list here >>>>BumbleBeeToDoPrintable.

BumbleBeeToDoPrintable-page-001 (1)


Here’s the list I used most often over the holidays. It’s plain but motivating! You can download this printable here >>GettingThingsDone


And just a simple To Do List for when you don’t want to get distracted by your To Do List (it happens). You can download the Bird To Do List here>>>>BirdToDoPrintable



Feel free to use any of these printables. If you like them share them! Let me know which ones you like best or if there is a specific kind you’d like me to try to make!


Should I Make New Year’s Resolutions?

Should I Make New Year’s Resolutions?


I can only remember a handful of times that I have ever made a New Years Resolution. And even at that, they weren’t truly resolutions. I used to start every January with no chocolate and see how far I could make it without chocolate. Each year I would increase my goal. I think the last time I did that I made it to 17 weeks without chocolate.

But what is the point in a New Year’s Resolution? Should we all be making them? Should we even bother with them?

I am always interested in ways I can do things better. I am constantly setting goals for myself in all areas. But starting something different, setting goals and plans to accomplish those goals at the start of the year has some definite advantages.

In a sense we are starting out fresh. This does not mean the mistakes of the previous year are somehow vanished but it does mean we are given a new year to make new choices.

So how should I go about making my resolutions? Psalm 139:23-24 says, “Search me, O God, and know my heart: try me, and know my thoughts: And see if there be some wicked way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.”

That verse tells me that not only will God reveal to us what we need to change in the next year but also how to change it. We just have to ask Him to help us see that.

Following the order stated in Psalm 139 I suggest you pray for a while before making any resolutions. Ask God to reveal to you what is the most important thing for you to work on this coming year. Maybe it is more than one thing. God will let you know.

Next ask God to show you how to accomplish your goal and keep your resolution. Most people give up on their resolutions within the first week of making them. Why? Because it’s hard to make a change in behavior and we NEED God to help us. We can’t do this alone.

Write it down. Put your resolution somewhere you will see it often. And even better, put a Bible verse next to it to help you remember why you are doing it. I created this list to help me write down my goals. You can use it, too. Write down goals and add a Bible verse to help you follow through with them. {2016 Goals  <<<Free Printable}

Comment with some helpful ways you make and keep goals. Then next week let’s all link up here with some goals for the New Year!


Printables Collection {Christmas Cards}

Printables Collection {Christmas Cards}

You’ll have to forgive me. I am on a big printables kick lately. I love it. I am even working on a handful of my own printables. And since Christmas is right around the corner what better printable to work on than Christmas cards? These are the Christmas cards I am handing out this year. I love them because they are simple and cute. They are blank on the inside so I can have a personal greeting for each one. I really like them. I am yet to figure out how to give you an image to know what the card looks like before downloading so you’ll just have to trust me, I guess. Bear with me…I will figure it out one day!

christmas cards 1. Nativity Christmas Card

2.Owl Christmas Card

3.Penguin Christmas Card

4.Snoopy Christmas Card

Just print them onto card stock. There are two on each page. Enjoy!

Christmas Countdown

Christmas Countdown

christmas countdown

Did you realize that it is only one month until Christmas! One Month! Every year I Pinterest Christmasy things for months in anticipation for Christmas. Then Christmas comes and goes before I get a chance to do all my Christmasy things with the kids. This year I am prepared! I am making a Christmas Countdown to do with the kids. I will start December 1. I am making a construction paper garland (the ones we made in elementary by stapling a bunch of strips together to make a chain). On each strip I will have a different activity to do. Slowly our chain will get shorter and shorter until we are at Christmas Day which will end with reading the Christmas story found in Luke 2. Here is the list I made, I won’t be using all of these as I only need 25 but I will pick from this list:

Read Christmas Story in Luke 2 (This will be broken up throughout the month and then end with reading about Christ’s birth on Christmas Day)

Read Christmas Books

Watch Christmas Movies (This will happen several times as we have a lot of favorite Christmas movies)

Make Popcorn Garland

Make Construction Paper Garland (described above)

Bake Cookies (more than once I am sure!)

Make Felt Snowman to Dress Up (similar to that ever popular felt Christmas tree…I will make each child a blank snowman out of felt. They will each have their own pile of felt hats, mittens, eyes, nose, etc to put on and off their snowmen)

Decorate Christmas Tree

Make Christmas Ornaments

Make Christmas Cards

Make Christmas Candy (my kids are making Christmas candies to give as gifts to their cousins)

Play Snowman Slam (draw snowman faces on white cups, stack them up then let the kids throw a ball at them!)

Drive Around to See Christmas Lights

Sing Christmas Carols 

Take Christmas Photos with Photo Booth Props

Make Christmas Treats to Give Away

Sing Christmas Carols at Nursing Home

Make Paper Snowflakes

Make Snowman Pizza

Indoor Snowball Fight (using cotton balls or balled up paper)

Go Sledding

Make a Christmas Craft (we will do this a couple times and use some as gifts)

Make an Angel for the Tree

Make a Gingerbread House

I am going to plan these on the days I know they will work. I will make all the props and pieces ahead of time so I am not rushing around the day of to get the things ready. I want this to be completely fun and zero stress! I am open to more ideas! What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions? Want to print out this list? Grab my FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Countdown. (Gingerbread house wasn’t put on my printable so you’ll have to pencil it in there!)

Printables Collection {All Things Kitchen}

Printables Collection {All Things Kitchen}

I am still undecided if I want to include recipes and other kitchen printables in my main binder. Initially I thought I did. But as I find more and more things I want in my binder I think it might be better to have a separate binder for kitchen related things. Here are a few of the printables I would like to see in my Kitchen Binder:

Recipe Cards and Cover Pages

These have great color options. This site also has great cover pages for each type of recipe. Which I really love.

Meal Planning List

This is not the first thing from I Heart Naptime that I love. There are a lot of great things on here. I really like this printable because it is not too busy or cluttered. She also gives some recipes to put on your list!

Kitchen Wall Art

 I know that this says wall art. I am not likely to hang these in my kitchen, though, only because I don’t have much picture space on my walls. But I love them so much I think that I would use these throughout my binder somehow. She has A LOT of great designs.

Editable Recipe Cards

Am I the only one who sees ‘edible’ recipe cards at first glance? Reminds me of the bubble gum checks I had as a kid. Anyway, these are neat. You can download them and then edit them before you print them. I wish I could change the little saying, though, as it doesn’t really fit my style. Oh well. The idea of typing in my recipes is neat.

Conversion Charts

This is sort of the ultimate kitchen binder collection. I think it might have just about anything you would want for your own kitchen binder. Bonus- it comes in three different color schemes! Then once the color scheme of choice is downloaded you see that you got 11 different PDFs in your package! My favorite thing in this package is the conversion chart. For a Standard girl living in a Metric world it is very helpful!

And in the spirit of kitchen printables I thought I would share my own recipe card printables. Basic. Nothing fancy. Just click to download >>>>> RecipesGreen<<<<>>>>RecipesYellow<<<<<

What are some of your favorite kitchen printables? I would like to find a good pantry list. I haven’t found one for free that I love so maybe I will just make my own. Maybe…

Printables Collection {Calendars and Planners}

Printables Collection {Calendars and Planners}

*Update. Check out my 2017 list here!*

Each morning I pull my three notebooks, Bible, book, and laptop off the desk and bring it to the kitchen. My mobile office, I suppose. Next to them I set my three markers, 1 red pen, and one black pen. Each has a different use, of course. I think my black pen may be close to the end of it’s life but that’s a different matter completely. It will be thoughtfully replaced in time.

If you follow me on pinterest you already know that I have been planning my 2016 Planner since the middle of August. I have been through a lot of blogs looking for a calendar and planner that fit my style. I am really excited about my planner because I am making it completely custom to my needs. I have all sorts of ideas for my planner. I am excited to have my “mobile office” turned into one notebook instead of the three I carry around. For today I am just sharing my favorite free printables for 2016 calendars and planners. In the next weeks I will be sharing my favorite printables for other sections of my notebook.

2016 Calendars and Planners

1.Chalkboard Calendar

This is the one I chose for my main calendar. I will have two calendars. One for my babysitting/appointments and one for meal planning. I chose this one because I thought it’d be neat to color in the names of the months. This blog has three different styles to choose from.

2. Rainbow Planner/Calendar

Have you been to this blog? Just about my favorite blog for printables ever! There’s something for everyone there! I am using this blog for my To Do Lists for now. I will probably use it for more things as I get to printing for 2016.

3. Handwritten Calendar

I really, really love this one. I think the style fits perfectly how I want my planner to feel. The only thing with this one is you have to subscribe to her email list to get the printable (I think that’s an awesome deal!)

4. Pattern and Landscape Calendar

These are great designs. I really love that handwriting font on this one, too. There are a couple different options for design here.

5. Decorative Calendar and Planner

I just love everything about this planner. Clean, attractive designs. There is a lot more than just a calendar here, too. Some of these printables will definitely make it into my planner.

Can’t find anything you like here? Young Housewife also shared a few of her favorites! What are some must haves in your planner?

*Update- more of my posts with printables for your planner! To Do ListsKitchen Printables