The Voice of One Speaking

The Voice of One Speaking

he heard the voice

The Isrealites have been numbered “according to the word of the Lord.” They have set up the tabernacle exactly as the Lord commanded. They then bring their offerings and sacrifices to the Lord. After all this is completed Moses enters the tabernacle specifically to speak to the Lord. And what happens? Moses hears the voice of one speaking unto him from off the mercy seat. (Numbers 7).

When was the last time you heard the voice the of the Lord speaking to you? When was the last time you specifically went to the Lord to hear from Him? I noticed Moses first followed God’s commands. He numbered the people and set up princes among tribes. He followed God’s plan to make the tabernacle. Then after the sacrifices were given he went into the tabernacle to speak with the Lord. Before we go to the Lord we must make sure we are right with the Lord. If we are not right with the Lord our prayers WILL BE HINDERED.

Then when he was right with the Lord Moses went into the tabernacle. I view this as sort of a prayer closet or war room. Take the time to go to the Lord. A time free of distractions. A time for the Lord.

Then hear the voice of One speaking. Hear from the Lord today.

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