Build Your Own Workout

Build Your Own Workout

build your own workoutFor almost three years I have been pinning all sorts of the “Only 5 Moves You Need to Know” pins in hopes of learning the perfect workout. What have I learned? There is no perfect workout. What works for that super ultra fit woman you follow on Instagram might not work for you. What works for your best friend might not work for you. What worked for me last month might not work for me again this month. It’s important to keep workouts new and exciting.

Now, this doesn’t mean we can’t follow any fitness routine or workout schedule. I did Diary of a Fit Mommy’s Fitmas in December and loved it. I have used dvd’s…the same workout everyday for a week and loved it. But, none of them stayed long term with me. Sure, I can go back to them and do them again sometime, but lately I have really been enjoying putting together my own workouts.

Here is how I build my own workout:

Start with a warm up. Stretch for 2 minutes before the warm up. Then choose two light cardio exercises that you will alternate to warm up. It’s important that these exercises get your heart rate up.

Rounds 1-3. For each round you should choose 2 exercises, 3 if you’d rather. How you choose the exercises is up to you. Sometimes I will do round 1 as core, round 2 as cardio, and round 3 as arms. Sometimes I will choose one from each (core, cardio, and arms) for a round. Write down which exercises you will do for each round and write 1:00 next to it. You will do each round for 6 minutes. So, if you are doing three exercises do each round 2x. If you are doing two exercises in a round do each round 3x. If you don’t feel up to each exercise for 1 minute, just cut it to 20 or 30 seconds and go from there.

Rests. It’s important to rest for 60 seconds between rounds. I usually spend my 60 seconds walking around the house (straightening up) or stretching.

Cool down. Don’t forget about the cool down. It’s so important. After you are all done rounds 1-3 take 5 minutes to stretch. It feels amazing and is so good for your body.

Now, my criteria for an awesome workout may not be the same as yours, so don’t feel the need to follow my outline directly. Just grab from it what you like and get some inspiration as you build your own workout.

Example workout:

Stretch 2 minutes.

Warm Up: Running in place 1:00, side shuffle 1:00 (repeat 3x)

Round 1: Squats 1:00, mountain climbers 1:00, plank 1:00 (repeat 2x)

Round 2: Surfer squats 1:00, high knees 1:00, quick jacks 1:00 (repeat 2x)

Round 3: Bicep curls 1:00, military press 1:00, reverse fly aways 1:00 (repeat 2x) *if you don’t have weights it’s no big deal. Just make this round like rounds 1-2 with cardio and core.

Cool Down: 5 minutes stretching.

If you need some ideas for which exercises to do, I listed some of my favorites here.

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