Digging Deeper in the Word {Key Words}

Digging Deeper in the Word {Key Words}

Something I have struggled with over and over again is figuring out what to study in my Bible. There have been times where I went weeks with just reading randomly until I found a good study. And while any time in the Bible is beneficial an actual study will help you grow better than when you read randomly. So how do you find a good study?

Something I started doing in the past year or so is writing down key words or phrases I hear during preaching. Remember a couple weeks ago I said that paying attention in church can help you stay excited about devotions? This is what I was talking about!

In the front of my Bible I have written down several of these key words and phrases I am talking about:  “in faith” “fear not” “preserve thee”. Right now I am studying “fear not.” I went onto power Bible (if you don’t have that just use google) and searched the phrasefear not “fear not.” I wrote down all the references where that phrase can be found in the Bible. Each day I go to a different one and write down notes about that passage. I am amazed by all the applications found from that little phrase! It has been a great study and I am only half way through. A post even came from that study (When Fear Hinders Your Faith.)

What key words do you think you’d be interested in studying? Maybe you have done a study like this before. What key words or phrases did you enjoy doing?

The whole point in this series, “Digging Deep in the Word”, is to help women like us who struggle with personal devotions. We want to share our struggles and what we have found to be helpful. So, if you haven’t already read them go back to the beginning and read through our series (just click here). Follow along with Grace Happening, Young Housewife, and myself as we post on Wednesdays about Digging Deeper in the Word.

3 thoughts on “Digging Deeper in the Word {Key Words}

  1. Really like the idea of not just looking up certain words, but phrases like you mentioned above. I’m going to tuck this tool away to use soon!

  2. I love doing word studies, looking up the meaning in Hebrew or Greek and then finding verses where God has used that word or phrase in various ways. I like your idea of writing down a phrase to ponder in a study from a sermon as well. I have relied on my reading and a word or phrase will jump out and I will want to study it further,
    Thanks, ~ linda

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