Easy DIY Bean Bags

Easy DIY Bean Bags

Last night I got a text from a friend asking beanbags1me if we had any bean bags for a bean bag toss game. She is organizing a kids’ party at the church and knows I like to do that kind of stuff with my kids. However, all of our bean bags have slowly disappeared over time. 

I told her I would make some this morning and I took some pictures as I did to share them with you.

Making bean bags is INCREDIBLY easy. They are fast to make and the kids will spend hours playing with them. I even had the kids help me (to an extent) making them. They’re that easy.

Start with some scrap material. I used an old sheet.

Cut out a bunch of squares. I folded my sheet in half so when I cut I was cutting both sides of the bean bag at once. Cut them any size you’d like. Just cut a little bigger than what you want the end result to be because when you sew you will take off at least 1/4 inch around. I cut mine to be about 3 x 5 inches. dscf8968

Sew almost all the way around. If you are using a patterned material turn the material so the outsides are touching…sewing them inside out. If you are using a plain sheet like I did it doesn’t really matter. Sew almost all the way around, leaving about 1″ open. You need this hole to turn the bean bag inside out and also to fill it up with rice.


Turn it outside out. Use that little hole you left open to flip the bean bag “inside out.” But really what you are doing is turning it outside out.

Fill it up. I used rice to fill my bean bags. I only filled them half way full. This makes it easy to sew up the last little bit that was left open. *Note, filling them with rice means they double as ice packs or heating packs. I used a funnel to fill them easily and mess free.


Sew it closed. Sew the hole closed. I sewed all along the whole side that had the little hole just to make it look nicer but you don’t have to do that. If you filled it too full with rice this step will be difficult…so don’t over fill it!


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